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FreeSWITCHeR 0.0.8

FreeSWITCHeR Copyright © 2009 The Rubyists (Jayson Vaughn, Tj Vanderpoel, Michael Fellinger, Kevin Berry) Distributed under the terms of the MIT License. ========================================================== About —– *** STILL UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT *** A ruby library for interacting with the "FreeSWITCH" ( opensource telephony platform *** STILL UNDER HEAVY DEVELOPMENT *** Requirements ———— - ruby (>= 1.8) - eventmachine (If you wish to use Outbound and Inbound listener) Usage —– Example of originating a new call in 'irb' using FSR::CommandSocket#originate: irb(main):001:0> require 'fsr' => true irb(main):002:0> FSR.load_all_commands => [:sofia, :originate] irb(main):003:0> sock = => #<FSR::CommandSocket:0xb7a89104 @server="", @socket=#<TCPSocket:0xb7a8908c>, @port="8021", @auth="ClueCon"> irb(main):007:0> sock.originate(:target => 'sofia/gateway/carlos/8179395222', :endpoint =>"user/bougyman")).run => {"Job-UUID"=>"732075a4-7dd5-4258-b124-6284a82a5ae7", "body"=>"", "Content-Type"=>"command/reply", "Reply-Text"=>"+OK Job-UUID: 732075a4-7dd5-4258-b124-6284a82a5ae7"} Example of creating an Outbound Eventsocket listener: #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'fsr' require "fsr/listener/outbound" class OesDemo < FSR::Listener::Outbound def session_initiated(session) number = session.headers # Grab the inbound caller id "*** Answering incoming call from #{number}" answer # Answer the call set "hangup_after_bridge=true" # Set a variable speak 'Hello, This is your phone switch. Have a great day' # use mod_flite to speak hangup # Hangup the call end end FSR.start_oes!(OesDemo, :port => 1888, :host => "localhost") Example of creating an Inbound Eventsocket listener: #!/usr/bin/env ruby require 'fsr' require "fsr/listener/inbound" class IesDemo < FSR::Listener::Inbound def on_event(event) pp event.headers pp event.content end end FSR.start_ies!(IesDemo, :host => "localhost", :port => 8021) Support ——- Home page at #rubyists on FreeNode


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