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apartmentの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require apartment

apartment-sidekiq 1.2.0

Enable Multi-tenant supported jobs to work with Sidekiq background worker

1,190,613 ダウンロード

zuora_connect 3.0.1

Description of Connect.

461,281 ダウンロード

apartment-activejob 0.0.1

Enable ActiveJob to work with Apartment multi-tenancy

68,977 ダウンロード

consistent_schema_rb-apartment 0.0.4

This allows consistent_schema_rb to be used with apartment

51,352 ダウンロード

cadenero 0.0.1

An Engine tha use Warden and OAuth for authenticate users using a RESTful API

21,526 ダウンロード

leases 1.2.2

Database multi-tenancy for Rails.

18,805 ダウンロード

tenanfy 0.2.0

Offers a opinated use of the Apartment gem.

14,714 ダウンロード

shopping_mall 3.0.1

Multi-tenancy for Spree 3.x.x

7,519 ダウンロード

apartment-activejob-que 0.0.2

Enable ActiveJob to work with Apartment multi-tenancy with Que support

7,017 ダウンロード

apartment_job 1.0.0

ActiveJob wrapper to enable Apartment multi-tenancy for background jobs

3,316 ダウンロード

apartment-settler 0.0.2

Settler support for Apartment.

3,017 ダウンロード

zuora_connect_oauth_alpha 2.11

Description of Connect.

2,801 ダウンロード

comable-apartment 0.0.1

Multi-tenancy with Comable using the Apartment gem

2,037 ダウンロード

apartment-shoryuken 0.0.1.pre.beta

Enable Multi-tenant supported jobs to work with Shoryuken background worker

1,275 ダウンロード

zuora_connectD 1.7.09

Description of Connect.

916 ダウンロード

zuora_connect-D 1.6.10

Description of Connect.

820 ダウンロード

ros-core 0.1.0

Base controller, model, resource and policy classes; authentication with JWT, per reque...

742 ダウンロード

ekylibre-multi_tenancy 0.2.0

Apartment integration as a plugin for Ekylibre

430 ダウンロード

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