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aws-sdk-route53 的反向依赖 1.27.0

aws-sdk-resources 3.50.0

The official AWS SDK for Ruby. Provides both resource oriented interfaces and API clien...

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roadworker 0.5.12

Roadworker is a tool to manage Route53. It defines the state of Route53 using DSL, and ...

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terraforming 0.18.0

Export existing AWS resources to Terraform style (tf, tfstate)

62,974 下载

train-aws 0.1.7

Allows applictaions using Train to speak to AWS; handles authentication, cacheing, and ...

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acmesmith 2.2.0

Acmesmith is an [ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment)](

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terrafying 1.7.5


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awsutils 2.2.2

A set of tools for interacting with AWS

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lucid-cumulus 0.11.21

Cumulus allows you to manage your AWS infrastructure by creating JSON configuration fil...

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shards 3.6

The gem read a conf.yml file in a puppet project to know the multitenant sites and shar...

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eks_cli 0.4.8

A utility to manage and create EKS (Kubernetes) cluster on Amazon Web Services

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acme-r53-cli 1.1.2

A cli interface for ACMEv2 DNS challenges with Route53

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encryptbot 0.1.5

Manage Let's Encrypt wildcard certificates on Heroku

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vaws 0.5.0

The vaws command simplifies the display of AWS resources.

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traceroute53 0.1.3

A tool to investigate Route53, ELB, EC2 and Security Groups

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dh-proteus 0.1.4

Proteus is a Terraform wrapper application.

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sprinkle_dns 1.0.2

Make handling DNS easier by using simple Ruby constructs

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