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bitlyの被依存性 1.1.2

acts_as_link 0.0.6

ActsAsLink provides: verification if a link is broken; verification if a link is to an ...

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twog 0.3.3

Tool to tweet blog posts

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atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

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radiant-twitter-extension 2.0.6

Posts notification of pages to Twitter and provides radiius tags to display the results...

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email-vigenere 0.0.4

Easily Encode/Decode text with Vigenere Cipher

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bcms_bitly 1.0.0

Shorten page URLs through Bitly and save them.

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uncoil 1.2.0

Uncoil is a gem to unshorten urls so you know where obscured links really go. If you ha...

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robbie 2.1.6

Media Information at your Fingertips

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fakeapi 0.0.3

FakeAPI o

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multi_bitly 0.1.1

Allows access to the API with multiple accounts.

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git_cloud 0.0.2

Send a file to your dedicated public github repo and have a short url returned that po...

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benmanns-atreides 2.0.4

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

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cached_bitly 0.0.2

An easy Bitly toolkit with Redis being the caching layer.

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flickxtractr 0.3.0

An image +meta extraction tool

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jekyll-bitly 1.0.0

Jekyll filter that uses to shorten URLs.

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