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capistrano-specの被依存性 0.6.3

rvm-capistrano 1.5.6

RVM / Capistrano Integration Gem

3,616,642 ダウンロード

capistrano-slack 1.3.2

Announce capistrano deploys to slack

133,911 ダウンロード

capistrano-campfire 0.2.1

capistrano-tinder is a very simple library for making a Campfire room accessible from c...

73,960 ダウンロード

torquebox-capistrano-support 3.2.0

TorqueBox Capistrano Support

63,029 ダウンロード

capistrano-mountaintop 1.1.3

Announce capistrano deploys from a mountaintop with campfire

28,894 ダウンロード

capistrano-cloudflare 1.0.0

Capistrano extensions for CloudFlare

21,653 ダウンロード

capistrano_rails_console 0.5.3

Open a rails console the first app server.

21,141 ダウンロード

capistrano-former03 1.0.8

Capistrano with extensions for FORMER 03

18,715 ダウンロード

capistrano-wp 0.5.0

Recipes for deploying and maintaining remote WordPress installations with Capistrano. ...

18,287 ダウンロード

graphite-notify 0.0.5

notify graphite on deploy or rollback

16,826 ダウンロード

capistrano_ssh 0.3.0

Open a ssh connection to one of the app servers.

11,010 ダウンロード

capistrano-pushover 0.1.4

Send deploy notification to Pushover

9,198 ダウンロード

capistrano-ghostinspector 1.0.2

A Ghost Inspector plugin for Capistrano

9,107 ダウンロード

capistrano-shared_config 0.0.4

This gem provides several capistrano tasks for config files uploading and symlinking du...

8,013 ダウンロード

capistrano-misc 0.0.6

Useful tasks for Capistrano

6,675 ダウンロード

release_party 0.0.3

Perform a number of common post deployment tasks such as delivering pivotal stories, se...

6,301 ダウンロード

capistrano-ext-puppetize-petems 0.4.2

Capistrano extension to run Puppet manifests contained in the application to be deployed

5,495 ダウンロード

capistrano-ext-superusers 0.4.3

Capistrano extension to run sensible userage

5,257 ダウンロード

campystrano 0.0.3

Adds before and after deploy hooks that announce a deploy's start and success in a Camp...

3,938 ダウンロード

capistrano-influx 0.3.0

Store successful deploy info in InfluxDB.

2,759 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 156,748

現行バージョン 127,253

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