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Reverse dependencies for ci_reporter_rspec 1.0.0

adhearsion 2.6.4

Adhearsion is an open-source telephony development framework

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conjur-cli 6.2.1

Conjur command line interface

146,259 下載

conjur-api 5.3.1

Conjur API

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asciidoctor-jenkins-extensions 0.5.1

a collection of Asciidoctor extensions which enable more advanced formatting in Jenkins...

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u2i-ci_utils 3.2.1

Write a longer description. Optional.

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u2i-ci_utils 3.2.1

Write a longer description. Optional.

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conjur-debify 1.11.1

Utility commands to build and package Conjur services as Debian packages

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openstudio-workflow 1.3.3

Run OpenStudio based measures and simulations using EnergyPlus

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slosilo 2.1.1

This gem provides an easy way of storing and retrieving encryption keys in the database.

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webdrone 1.8.12

See webpage for more info.

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ikazuchi 1.2.1

meta-package of useful gems for rails development

26,040 下載

gini-api 0.9.11

Ruby client to interact with the Gini API.

22,962 下載

jeti-log 0.7.0

Read and interpret Jeti telemetry log files.

18,326 下載

conjur-asset-policy 0.13.0

Fully declarative YAML markup for Conjur policy.

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lookout-rack-test 3.0.0

RSpec and Cucumber helpers

17,380 下載

vagrant-rspec-ci 1.1.2

vagrant-rspec-ci is a Vagrant 1.2.x plugin for running tests against your VMs, derived ...

11,286 下載

conjur-asset-dsl2 0.6.1

A fully declarative DSL for Conjur with Ruby and YAML syntax.

9,755 下載

conjur-asset-audit-send 1.0.2

Conjur asset plugin to send custom audit events

7,152 下載

conjur-rack 4.0.0

Rack authenticator and basic User struct

7,118 下載

user_management_api 0.0.16

Client library for the User Management App API

4,590 下載

p4_web_api_client 2014.2.0.pre5

The P4 Web API provides a simple HTTP interface for many p4 operations. This provides a...

4,556 下載

covalence 0.9.2

A tool for the management and orchestration of data used by HashiCorp infrastructure to...

3,954 下載

trustpilot-business-links 1.1.0

This gem generates Trustpilot Business Generated Links described on https://support.tru...

3,915 下載

stand 1.0.5

Generate your standup reports instantly.

3,788 下載

p4_web_api 2014.2.0.pre5

Provides a base set of HTTP calls to execute Perforce commands.

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serialism 0.2.0

Like ActiveModel::Serializer but smaller and not JSON-centric.

3,215 下載

dovico 1.4.0

Simple client & tools for

3,043 下載

filterparams 0.9.2

Parses filter parameters compatible query parameters and returns an object which can be...

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conjur-policy-parser 0.12.0

Parse the Conjur policy YAML format.

2,089 下載

strava-cli 0.0.5

Generate strava dashboards.

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