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Reverse dependencies for closure-compiler 1.1.14

sprockets 3.7.2

Sprockets is a Rack-based asset packaging system that concatenates and serves JavaScrip...

169,854,366 下載

htmlcompressor 0.4.0

Put your html on a diet

1,033,446 下載

wiselinks 1.2.1

Wiselinks makes following links and submitting some forms in your web application smart...

203,633 下載

hanami-assets 1.3.3

Assets management for Ruby web applications

132,967 下載

flok 0.0.105

Flok is a cross-platform application framework system that exports javascript files

93,766 下載

jsus 0.4.0

Javascript packager and dependency resolver

84,134 下載

iugu-ux 1.0.25

Iugu User Experience and Components for HTML5,CSS,JS

68,197 下載

jbundle 0.1.4

Writes versioned, bundled and minified javascript files and dependencies

39,334 下載

maglove 2.0.11

This gem contains development and built tools for creating MagLoft themes.

34,797 下載

githubbish_assets 0.1.11

Github style assets bundling in a Rails 3 engine

26,599 下載

view_assets 1.1.1

Instead of using the default assets managing style in rails 3.2, this gem will introduc...

24,965 下載

marfa 0.10.2

Sinatra-based wrapper for our projects

23,427 下載

crush 0.3.3

Crush is a set of Tilt templates for the various JavaScript and CSS compression librari...

18,951 下載

guard-mirror 0.2.5

A CoffeeScript, Stylus, and Jade (HTML and JST) Guard that mirrors yoursource files...

17,916 下載


Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

15,487 下載

sqweeze 0.0.9

A command line web-asset optimisation tool

13,844 下載

embork 0.0.13

A tool set for building ember apps.

13,709 下載

bixbite 0.1.3

Bixbite is a project initializer for dynamic to static publishing

13,286 下載

smallvictories 0.0.19

Small Victories Ruby interface.

13,119 下載

compressed-gzipped-assets 0.0.3

for more info see the readme.

12,003 下載

slight_assets 0.4.0

Optimize the assets of your Rails application without change any line of code.

11,119 下載

assets-compiler 0.3

Can be used to compile any static assets (etc minify javascript)

11,057 下載

rack-pack 0.3.2

Rack::Pack is a piece of Rack Middleware that packages and optionally compresses assets...

10,899 下載

rack-sprocketize 0.4.1

Rack::Sprocketize is a piece of Rack Middleware which uses Sprockets to concatenate jav...

10,442 下載

aws-s3-deploy 0.3.0

Deploy static files to AWS S3.

9,129 下載

jammit-core 0.1.1

A non-Rails fork of the Jammit asset-packager for use with any Ruby framework

5,594 下載

juggle 0.0.2

Javascript packing

5,120 下載

sinatra-sprockets 0.0.2

Use Sprockets effectively with Sinatra.

4,892 下載


Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

4,619 下載

agibralter-jammit 0.5.0

Jammit is an industrial strength asset packaging library for Rails, providing both ...

4,366 下載

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