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compass 的反向依赖 1.0.3

compass-h5bp 1.0.0

Compass extension of HTML5 mixins extracted from the HTML5 Boilerplate project (

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fanforce-app-factory 1.7.1

Everything needed to setup a new app on Fanforce

136,645 下载

html5-boilerplate 2.1.0

A Compass implementation of Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate at

123,409 下载

caboodle 0.3.0

Caboodle is a Rack and Sinatra-based framework for creating websites which combine info...

116,357 下载


This plugin integrates jQuery-Rails, jQuery, jQuery UI and Themes, jqGrid and more into...

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compass-colors 0.9.0

Sass Extensions and color theme templates to make working with colors easier and more m...

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compass-flexbox 1.1.3

A compass extension that provides variables & mixins for the latest Flexible Box Layout...

105,556 下载

middleman-compass 4.0.1

Compass support for Middleman

102,015 下载

staticmatic 0.11.1

Lightweight Static Site Framework

94,199 下载

compass_radix 3.2.0

A compass extension for the Drupal Radix theme. See

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Core styles for the Toadstool styleguide app.

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ceaser-easing 0.7

a css transition implementation of the Penner equations based on @matthewlein css conve...

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breakpoint-slicer 2.0.0

A very quick and efficient syntax for Breakpoint

84,455 下载

frank 1.0.12

Rapidly develop static sites using any supported templating language

79,176 下载

compass-css-arrow 0.0.4

a css-only arrow for compass

78,893 下载

accoutrement 0.1.10

A library of Sass utilities and patterns for OddBird projects.

70,642 下载

iugu-ux 1.0.25

Iugu User Experience and Components for HTML5,CSS,JS

67,821 下载

locomotivecms_mounter 1.5.8

Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an ...

64,136 下载

high_five 0.3.23

Build, minify, and deal with different platforms and environments for your HTML5 app. ...

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Slickmap for Compass

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compass-recipes 0.3.0

A Compass extension to have some sass/compass recipes ready to use !

59,414 下载

hydeweb 0.2.3

Hyde lets you create static websites from a bunch of files written in HAML, Textile, Sa...

57,420 下载

grid-coordinates 1.2.0

Highly configurable CSS Grid Framework written in Sass.

57,290 下载

zfben_libjs 0.0.29

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

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compass-inuit 5.0.2

Compass extension for the inuit.css framework.

55,631 下载

dugway 0.12.0

Dugway allows you to run your Big Cartel theme on your computer, test it in any browser...

53,993 下载

titon-toolkit 2.1.9

A collection of extensible front-end UI components and behaviors for the responsive and...

53,922 下载

edge_framework 2.1.1

Lightweight SASS Framework

53,915 下载

bourbon-compass 4.0.2

thoughtbot's Bourbon packaged as a Compass extension.

51,663 下载

locomotivecms_steam 1.4.1

The LocomotiveCMS Steam is the rendering stack used by both Wagon and Engine

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