DECC 2050 CALCULATOR TOOL A c version and ruby wrapper for the 2050 energy and climate change excel calculator Further detail on the project: Canonical source: DEPENDENCIES ruby 1.9.2 (including development headers) basic c development headers This has ONLY been tested on OSX and on Ubuntu 64 bit EC2 ami. Grateful for reports from other platforms. INSTALLATION Note that this compiles the underlying c code, which might take 10-20 minutes or so gem install decc_2050_model UPDATING TO NEWER VERSIONS OF EXCEL MODEL First, put the new spreadsheet in spreadsheet/2050Model.xlsx Then, from the top directory of the gem: bundle rm ext/decc_2050_model.c bundle exec rake Finally, lib/decc_2050_model/decc_2050_model_result.rb and lib/decc_2050_model/model_structure.rb may need to be altered so that they pick up the correct places in the underlying excel.

installgem install decc_2050_model -v 0.0.4

Thomas Counsell, Department of Energy and Climate Change, Her Majesty's Government, UK

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gem 'decc_2050_model', '~> 0.0.4'
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Runtime Dependencies
  1. ffi >= 1.0.11
Development Dependencies
  1. excel_to_code >= 0