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dynarex 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require dynarex

dynarex-blog 0.7.5


242,135 下载

polyrex 1.3.1

A flavour of XML for storing and retrieveing records in a Polyrex hierarchy

226,788 下载

dir-to-xml 0.9.5

Dir-to-xml saves a directory listing in the Dynarex XML format

57,965 下载

dynarex_cron 0.9.4

Publishes SimplePubSub messages by reading cron entries from a Dynarex document

55,295 下载

dataisland 0.2.0

Transforms an HTML page containing XML data islands (a Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 ...

39,970 下载

dynarex-daily 0.4.1

A Dynarex flavoured log file for humans which is archived daily

39,308 下载

dynarex-tags 0.5.0

Uses hashtags to help reference 1 or more records from an index file.

29,329 下载

dynarex-password 0.1.12


23,636 下载

mymedia 0.2.14

Makes publishing to the web easier

22,823 下载

dynarex-levenshtein 0.1.7


18,107 下载

spstrigger_execute 0.5.1

An SPS client built for reponding to messages which match keywords and conditions.

16,196 下载

just-tmux 0.3.1

Outputs a string of tmux instructions for execution by the system. Commands for each Tm...

16,004 下载

reminders_txt 0.6.0

Reads and updates diary reminders from a plain text file

15,166 下载

gogreen 0.3.2

Run RSF jobs from the command line using a Dynarex flavoured aliases file.

13,922 下载

weekly_planner 0.4.3

The weekly_planner gem primarily creates a weekly-planner.txt template file

12,944 下载

dxsectionx 0.4.0

Transforms entries containing Markdown within a Dynarex document into HTML using the Ma...

11,978 下载

rss_to_dynarex 0.1.7


11,261 下载

tagcloudbase 0.1.7

Build a tagcloud from a Dynarex document

10,948 下载

monthly_planner 0.3.5

Stores upcoming dates for the month primarily in a plain text file

9,925 下载

hlt-site_builder 0.3.0


9,284 下载

contacts_txt 0.3.1

Reads a contacts.txt file

9,260 下载

dx_sliml 0.1.8

Uses a Sliml like format to transform a Dynarex document to HTML.

8,270 下载

mycoins 0.3.9

The mycoins gem calculates the current value of your crypto-currency portfolio.

8,152 下载

addressbook_txt 0.3.0

Stores address book entries in a plain text file

8,005 下载

myuniversaljobsmatch 0.2.1

A web scraper which searches for job adverts on

7,477 下载

omah_search 0.3.0

Searches the email headers from the Offine Mail Helper (OMAH) database generated by the...

5,845 下载

tagcloud 0.1.2


5,788 下载

daily_planner 0.2.1

Creates a daily-planner.txt template file

5,288 下载

dynmap 0.1.1


4,357 下载

rsscache 0.2.2

This gem helps reduce unnessecary requests to webservers by caching RSS feeds where the...

4,176 下载

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