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excon 的反向依赖 0.71.1

vault-usage-client 1.0.0

Client for Vault::Usage

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ruby_odata 0.1.6

An OData Client Library for Ruby. Use this to interact with OData services

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The Ruby cloud services library. Supports all major cloud providers including AWS, Rack...

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ably-rest 1.1.2

A Ruby REST only client library for realtime messaging

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tootsie 0.11

Tootsie is a simple audio/video/image transcoding/modification application.

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alchemy-api-rb 0.8.0

Provides access to the Alchemy text mining API -

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mortar-api-ruby 0.8.16

Client for Mortar API.

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omniauth-applicaster 1.8.0

Omniauth strategy for

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stickler 2.4.2

Stickler is a tool to organize and maintain an internal gem repository. Primarily, you ...

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knife-cloud 2.0.5

knife-cloud plugin

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wss_agent 18.10.3

White Source agent to sync gems

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proxy_pac_rb 3.0.0

"proxy_pac_rb" is a gem to compress, lint and parse proxy auto-config files. It comes w...

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jaxx 0.0.23

Command line wrapper for pushing files to S3

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plagiarism 0.1.3

Search for plagiarism and check your content for originality with Copyscape

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redfish_client 0.5.1

Simple Redfish client library

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kong 0.3.4

A Ruby client for the Kong API

47,214 下载

devcenter 1.1.9

CLI to interact with Heroku's Dev Center

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dependabot-core 0.94.13

Automated dependency management for Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Elixir, Rust, Java, ...

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v2gpti 1.3.5

Provides a set of additional Git commands to help developers when working with Pivotal ...

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bbcloud 0.13.0

Scripts to interact with the Brightbox cloud API

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maxmind_proxy_detection 0.0.1

A wrapper for MaxMind's Proxy Detection service.

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pushover 3.0.2

Api (and CLI) to interface with

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inquisitio 2.1.2

A Ruby Gem that wraps search for CloudSearch

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guignol 0.3.16

Create, start, stop, destroy instances from the command line based on a YAML descri...

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excon-rails 1.0.0

Log HTTP requests made via Excon and their total runtime in Rails request log.

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newrelic-excon 0.3

Excon instrumentation for Newrelic.

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logplex 0.0.3

Publish and Consume Logplex messages

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minitel 0.4.0

𝕋𝔼𝕃𝔼𝕏 client

35,226 下载

docker-armada 2.14.1

Deploy utility for docker containers

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checkcheckit 0.5.0

Checklists like a boss

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