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ftp_paradise 1.1.10

PENDING REWRITE! DO NOT YET DOWNLOAD - THE REWRITE WILL FINISH IN A FEW DAYS, IN SEPTEMBER 2017! This Project aims to provide some convenience bindings for the Ruby-FTP base module. The ruby ftp code is part of the ruby stdlib and you can see the documentation for it here: The ftp_paradise project also provides a small GUI wrapper, written in ruby-gnome. This is not complete and has some known bugs, so my recommendation would be to use the commandline variant primarily, until I (or anyone else) goes off to fix the GUI parts. The GUI part resides in the subdirectory gui/ of this project. If you wish to start this, you can try: ftp_paradise --start-gui In general you should be able to use this project whenever you want to quickly upload or download some (remote) files via FTP. In order to facilitate an easier commandline interface, there is a REPL which can be started via typing `iftp` on the commandline. The following summary will give a very short overview over some of the features - for a more complete list, look at the doc/ subdirectory of the gem. We have the ability to download all specific files matching a certain criteria, such as through: download *.xz This will download every remote .xz file that can be found in the remote directory. Remote listing of files can be done via: - rlist or - list2 upload() can be used to upload a local file to a remote webserver, including batch upload (also part of the upload method). Exception handling is done as well. ftp_paradise --help will show some more HELP options. When you pass HELP as first argument to the interactive ftp, we will feedback all the help options available on the commandline. Uploading can also be done by giving numbers, which we will assume to refer to the index position of the current working directory. That is, index 7 would mean file position at 7 in the current directory: upload 7,8 The above instructions would try to upload file number 7 and 8 to the remote host. Of course you could use the file name instead - the numbers are just there for convenience. The interactive component will properly tell us whether we are connected to a remote host or whether we are not, since as of version 1.0.35. If you need to find out manually, do input this command: connected? Version 1.0.39 fixed the Configuration object. It will now use the proper URL. If you have any more specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others or for your own case, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


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