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git 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require git

bookbindery 10.1.17

A command line utility to be run in Book repositories to stitch together their constitu...

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acmcommits 1.1.4

Lolcommits refactored for use at the UIUC branch of ACM.

166,824 下载

sambot 0.1.229

# Sambot Sambot is our internal Platform Engineering toolchain to help standardize and...

163,568 下载

abak-flow 1.1.1

Простой набор правил и комманд, заточеных для работы в git-flow с использование в качес...

155,274 下载

oxidized 0.28.0

software to fetch configuration from network devices and store them

154,647 下载

oliver 4.0.3

Local Git(Hub) made easy.

153,519 下载

konjac 0.3.4

A Ruby command-line utility for translating files using a YAML wordlist

142,185 下载

extjs-mvc 0.3.10

MVC tools to assist with ExtJS development in Rails and Merb

141,092 下载

metanorma-cli 1.5.7

Executable to process any Metanorma standard.

138,565 下载

learn-test 3.3.1

Runs RSpec, Karma, Mocha, and Python Pytest Test builds and pushes JSON output to Learn.

137,965 下载

avm-tools 0.113.6

Tools for AVM.

134,657 下载

generamba 1.5.0

Generamba is a powerful and easy-to-use Xcode code generator. It provides a project-bas...

131,070 下载

capistrano-helpers 0.11.1

A set of optional extensions to capistrano to make common tasks easier.

129,805 下载

opskeleton 0.10.1

Managing services lifecycle from Development to production using Vagrant and Puppet

117,337 下载

qb 0.4.5

qb is all about projects. named after everyone's favorite projects.

116,019 下载

cfhighlander 0.12.6

DSL on top of cfndsl. Manage libraries of cloudformation components

115,408 下载

learn-open 1.2.28

Open Learn lessons locally

113,071 下载

forj 1.0.18

forj cli - See for documentation/information

109,286 下载

atlassian-stash 0.7.0

Provides convenient functions for interacting with Bitbucket Server through the command...

106,591 下载

orm_adapter-sequel 0.1.0

Adds Sequel ORM adapter to the orm_adapter project

104,663 下载

kitchen_hooks 2.1.1

GitLab WebHoook for automated Chef Server uploads.

99,643 下载

knife-changelog 1.7.0

Facilitate access to cookbooks changelog

96,462 下载

ios_android_toolbox 0.0.46

Toolbox to manipulate iOS/Android projects

93,877 下载

blastr 0.2.3

Blastr observes a version control repository for commits and makes audible announcement...

91,032 下载

dtk-client 0.12.4

Command line tool to interact with a DTK Server and DTK Service Catalog.

90,752 下载

elm_install 1.6.1

Install Elm packages from git repositories.

90,565 下载

crabfarm 0.7.11

Crabfarm lets you build web scrappers using TDD, it is also very opinionated about ...

90,076 下载

nutella_framework 0.9.2

utella is a framework to create and run RoomApps

89,529 下载

assette 0.1.8

Renders all asset types (coffeescript/sass/scss) as equals

88,204 下载

ascii_binder 1.0

AsciiBinder is an AsciiDoc-based system for authoring and publishing closely related do...

86,886 下载

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.3