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gitの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require git

orm_adapter 0.5.0

Provides a single point of entry for using basic features of ruby ORMs

107,267,859 ダウンロード

redis-store 1.9.0

Namespaced Rack::Session, Rack::Cache, I18n and cache Redis stores for Ruby web framewo...

56,586,601 ダウンロード

fpm 1.14.1

Convert directories, rpms, python eggs, rubygems, and more to rpms, debs, solaris packa...

36,107,919 ダウンロード

danger 8.4.2

Stop Saying 'You Forgot To…' in Code Review

27,609,836 ダウンロード

crystalball 0.7.0

Provides simple way to integrate regression test selection approach to your RSpec test ...

4,881,805 ダウンロード

grape-swagger-rails 0.3.1

Swagger UI as Rails Engine for grape-swagger gem

3,741,785 ダウンロード

fastlane-plugin-bugsnag 2.2.0

Uploads dSYM files to Bugsnag

1,873,077 ダウンロード

jeweler 2.3.9

Simple and opinionated helper for creating Rubygem projects on GitHub

1,532,903 ダウンロード

pickle 0.6.2

Easy model creation and reference in your cucumber features

1,517,187 ダウンロード

jpmobile 6.1.2

A Rails plugin for mobile devices in Japan

1,327,117 ダウンロード

saddler-reporter-support-git 2.0.1

Utilities for Saddler reporter and git repository.

1,139,110 ダウンロード

rack_csrf 2.6.0

Anti-CSRF Rack middleware

905,110 ダウンロード

onceover 3.20.0

Automatically generates tests for your Puppet code

829,046 ダウンロード

restore_bundled_with 1.0.0

We should use latest Bundler, but sometimes we are afraid we have to use older Bundler....

614,648 ダウンロード

vanagon 0.23.0

Vanagon is a tool to build a single package out of a project, which can itself contain ...

514,569 ダウンロード

awestruct 0.6.1

Awestruct is a static site baking and publishing tool. It supports an extensive list of...

471,433 ダウンロード

ra10ke 1.1.0

R10K and Puppetfile rake tasks

442,399 ダウンロード

gemsurance 0.10.0

Gem vulnerability and version checker

401,479 ダウンロード

engen 0.1.5

A gem for Ruby on Rails 3 that adds an engine generator for easy code extension

390,923 ダウンロード

muck-engine 3.5.0

The base engine for the muck system. Contains common tables, custom for, css and javas...

347,253 ダウンロード

coderunner 1.0.14

CodeRunner is a framework for the automated running and analysis of simulations. It aut...

319,312 ダウンロード

knife-spork 1.7.3

KnifeSpork is a workflow plugin for Chef::Knife which helps multiple developers work on...

270,460 ダウンロード

aptible-cli 0.19.1

Aptible CLI

255,712 ダウンロード

dwc-archive 1.1.6

Darwin Core Archive is the current standard exchange format for GLobal Names Architectu...

255,515 ダウンロード

redcar 0.13

A pure Ruby text editor

219,114 ダウンロード

pheme 4.0.14

Ruby AWS SNS publisher + SQS poller & message handler

199,646 ダウンロード

awetestlib 1.2.4

Features robust and flexible reporting.

198,249 ダウンロード

lolcommits 0.16.3

lolcommits takes a snapshot with your webcam every time you git commit code, and arch...

197,929 ダウンロード

ws-style 6.11.3

Shared config to enforce Ruby style consistently across Wealthsimple services.

195,003 ダウンロード

gems-status 1.78.0

gem-status gets the list of gems you use from Gemfile.lock file and runs some checks on...

187,590 ダウンロード

累計ダウンロード数 54,117,802

現行バージョン 3,008,551

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