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Dependencias inversas para growl 1.0.3

axlsx_rails 0.6.1

Axlsx_Rails provides an Axlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from y...

5.829.768 Descargas

calabash-cucumber 0.21.10

calabash-cucumber drives tests for native iOS apps. You must link your app with calabas...

1.410.753 Descargas

calabash-android 0.9.12

calabash-android drives tests for native and hybrid Android apps.

978.709 Descargas

romaji 0.2.4

Yet another Romaji-Kana transliterator

862.202 Descargas

ruby-supervisor 0.0.2

uses XMLRPC supervisord API to communciate with supervisord

650.733 Descargas

gimme 0.5.0

gimme attempts to bring to Ruby a test double workflow akin to Mockito in Java. Major d...

606.187 Descargas

oauth-plugin 0.5.1

Rails plugin for implementing an OAuth Provider or Consumer

468.469 Descargas

sidekiq-throttler 0.5.1

Sidekiq middleware that adds the ability to rate limit job execution.

406.140 Descargas

goliath 1.0.6

Async framework for writing API servers

337.287 Descargas

prawn-grouping 0.2.0

Grouping extension for prawn pdf generator

305.394 Descargas

luffa 2.1.0

Tools for testing the Calabash Toolchain locally, on Travis CI, and Jenkins

302.045 Descargas

analytical 3.0.12

Gem for managing multiple analytics services in your rails app.

258.585 Descargas

xamarin-test-cloud 2.3.0

Xamarin Test Cloud lets you automatically test your app on hundreds of mobile devices

240.038 Descargas

monadic 0.8.1

brings some functional goodness to ruby by giving you some monads

180.397 Descargas

dependor 1.0.1

Dependor is not a framework for Dependency Injection, but something thatt reduces dupli...

148.926 Descargas

api_resource 0.6.25

A replacement for ActiveResource for RESTful APIs that handles associated object and mu...

140.182 Descargas

pivot_table 1.0.0

Transform an ActiveRecord-ish data set into a pivot table of objects

139.586 Descargas

caxlsx_rails 0.6.2

Caxlsx_Rails provides an Caxlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from...

132.473 Descargas

bogus 0.1.6

Decreases the need to write integration tests by ensuring that the things you stub or m...

111.069 Descargas

komachi_heartbeat 2.5.0

Alive Monitoring of Application Server and DB Server.

109.870 Descargas

has_moderated 1.2.3

Moderated fields or whole model instances are serialized and saved into a separate mode...

109.366 Descargas

alfred-workflow 2.0.5

alfred-workflow is a ruby Gem helper for building [Alfred]( wo...

100.464 Descargas

blogit 1.1.2

Add a blog to your Rails application in minutes with this mountable Rails Engine

99.360 Descargas

xcodebuild-rb 0.3.0

Build Xcode projects using Rake

92.020 Descargas

buffer 0.1.3

Buffer is an API Wrapper Gem for's API

85.592 Descargas

gitdocs 0.6.2

Open-source Dropbox using Ruby and Git.

82.316 Descargas

briar 2.0.5

extends calabash-ios steps

78.100 Descargas

supernova 0.7.6

Unified search scopes

74.880 Descargas

dynport_tools 0.2.22

Collection of various tools

61.547 Descargas

em-spec 0.2.7

Simple BDD API for testing asynchronous Ruby/EventMachine code

56.486 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.606.500

Para esta versión 2.606.498

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