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gtk2 的反向依赖 3.4.1

glib-eventable 0.1.3

This is a helper gem for ruby-gnome2 applications that allows developers to easily conn...

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findcontrol 0.0.5

Test automation helper tool for my custom automation application

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dclext-anim 0.2.2

RubyDCLExt-Anim is an extension for RubyDCL to output animation (movie) file. Currently...

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ruby_do 0.0.4

A clone of Gnome-Do and Kupfer written in Ruby.

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JLDrill is a program for helping people drill various aspects of the Japanese and Chin...

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context 0.0.22

Context is a contextual UI framework. It is based on the Model View Presentor mod...

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tactical_fighter 1.0.2

A multiplayer LAN game on gtk2 for anyone to protect the friendly air force by taking d...

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gnms 2.1.1

GNMS is a graphical tool used to monitor state of network elements

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remote-dcl 0.3.0

Remote-DCL is a Ruby script to execute a script at a remote server. DCL calles in the s...

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gtkbuilder 0.3

Builder::Gtk let's you build Gtk windows using a simple DSL

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gio-redis 0.0.3

Minimal Redis message client for use with the Ruby-GNOME2 gio2 bindings.

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vmsim 1.0.1

simulates a vending machin

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groonga-database-viewer-gtk 0.0.5

a graphical database viewer for Groonga by GTK+ with Ruby.

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json-utils 1.6.1

Utilities for handling JSON data

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screencaster-gtk 0.0.8.alpha1

A program for capturing screencasts

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coinflip 0.0.9

Full description here

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xsettings-ruby 0.0.3

XSettings Manager bindings for ruby e.g require 'gtk2' require 'xsettings-ruby'

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conquest-gtk 0.2

A graphical front-end to the conquest gem.

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regex_test 0.0.2

Visually test a regular expression as you type

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regex_test 0.0.2

Visually test a regular expression as you type

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ebaytool 0.0.2

Full description here

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ruby-gtkhex 0.2.0

ruby-gtkhex is an hexadecimal widget using gtk2, inspired by GHex

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pruebaa 0.0.3

Full description here

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fu_prp 0.0.4

A 2 selfridge test with optional 2-PRP test and trial division. Integer input

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serial-watcher 0.2.1

Soft to watch serials :)

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clipcellar 0.0.2

Clipcellar is a full-text searchable data store for clipboard by GTK+ (via Ruby/GTK2) a...

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tictactoe-randall 0.0.2

GUI Tic Tac Toe game.

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dclext-gtk 0.1.0

RubyDCLExt-Gtk is an extension for RubyDCL to support extra operation related with Gtk.

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yorkcmarker 2.3.4

A marking assistant for the York University Introduction to C course. No official assoc...

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wnck 0.1.0

Use the GNOME Window Navigator Construction Kit from Ruby

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