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gtk2 的反向依赖 3.4.1

gtksourceview2 3.4.1

Ruby/GtkSourceView2 is a Ruby binding of gtksourceview-2.x.

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gtk_module 0.1.30

This library is called gtk_module. It extends the Gtk/Gdk part of ruby-gnome2. ...

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green_shoes 1.1.374

Green Shoes is one of colorful Shoes, written in pure Ruby with Ruby/GTK2.

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vte 3.4.1

Ruby/VTE is a Ruby binding of VTE.

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openall_time_applet 0.0.45

Off-line time-tracking for OpenAll with syncing when online.

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pdf-wrapper 0.4.5

A unicode aware PDF writing library that uses the ruby bindings to various c libraries ...

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webkit-gtk2 3.4.1

Ruby/WebKitGtk2 is a Ruby binding of WebKitGTK+ for Gtk 2.0 Toolkit

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grumblr 2.4.2

Grumblr is a message poster to Tumblr blogs.

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hilfer 0.13.0

Programmers file browser for SciTE

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dumon 0.3.0

Dual monitor manager for Linux with GTK based user interface represented by system tray...

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manqod 1.1580.0

Manqod is a desktop application for small companies to organize their data on an interf...

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ampv 1.2.2

A minimal GTK2 mpv frontend.

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gimdb 0.1.0

GTK graphical interface for Internet Movie DataBase. You can create users and save for ...

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ruby-dcl 1.8.1

RubyDCL is a ruby interface to the scientific graphic library DCL. It supports all the ...

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gtk2svg 0.3.19

Renders SVG using GTK2

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morandi 0.11.3

Apply simple edits to images

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smartdict-gtk 0.1.5

GTK GUI for Smartdict dictionary

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soup-ruby 0.0.10

Libsoup bindings for ruby. Partial coverage sufficient to allow HTTP requests to be ha...

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gtk-webkit-ruby 0.0.8

Gtk Webkit bindings for ruby. Partial coverage sufficient to embed a webview in a Ruby...

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test-unit-runner-gtk2 0.0.2

Test::Unit::Runner::GTK2 - A Test::Unit UI built on Ruby/GTK2.

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gtkmozembed 1.0.0

Ruby/GtkMozEmbed is a Ruby binding of GtkMozEmbed a widget embedding a Mozilla Gecko re...

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ruby-libappindicator 0.1.5

Ruby bindings for libappindicator used by Ubuntu's Application Indicators, released und...

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kang 0.1.0

The Ruby Regex Debugger. Put your regex in the top pane, and your match text in the bot...

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vimmate 0.9.2

VimMate is a graphical add-on to Vim with IDE-like features: it does more than th...

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oekaki 0.1.7

A simple drawing module with GTK+

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gloudapp 1.3.1

CloudApp (tm) applet for Gnome/GTK2

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unixcmd 0.2.12

Orthodox file manager

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zik 0.17.1

ZiK is an audio player based on gstreamer. It uses the path of your audio files instead...

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websnapshot 0.1.0

This gem provide you with the following features: blah blah blah

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gtk_app 0.2.0

A ruby-gtk framework

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