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Dependencias inversas para guard-livereload 2.5.2

rack-livereload 0.3.17

Insert LiveReload into your app easily as Rack middleware

3.180.706 Descargas

awestruct 0.5.7

Awestruct is a static site baking and publishing tool. It supports an extensive list of...

321.468 Descargas

bonethug 0.0.99

Project Skeleton Manager

165.693 Descargas

forever_style_guide 3.6.0

Install this as a gem in your Forever app and it will expose style guide through /style...

66.128 Descargas

style-guide 1.1.1

A mountable Rails engine where you curate and view your site's visual elements.

59.421 Descargas

cyaml 0.0.45

the YAML Framework ( ) as compass gem.

50.591 Descargas


AsciiBinder is an AsciiDoc-based system for authoring and publishing closely related do...

49.570 Descargas

styleguide_rails 0.3.6

Add living CSS styleguide to your Rails project

49.154 Descargas

anecdote 0.2.8

Provides Raconteur tags and front-end code for general-purpose page layouts

39.839 Descargas

vitrine 0.0.31

Serves ERB templates with live CoffeeScript and SASS

37.435 Descargas

reveal-ck 3.9.2

A cli for generating reveal.js presentations from markdown.

35.208 Descargas

smithycms 0.8.1

Smithy CMS is a Rails Engine built to manage your content easily and play nicely with o...

34.303 Descargas


Creates a web development project with support for CoffeeScript and Sass, with support ...

33.251 Descargas

forge 0.5.0

A toolkit for bootstrapping and developing WordPress themes.

29.896 Descargas

retter 0.2.5

Flyweight diary workflow. ruby-1.9.2 or later is required.

29.052 Descargas

prisma 0.2.4

Simple request stats collector for Rails applications

25.083 Descargas

source_route 0.6.0

Wrapper of TracePoint.

22.259 Descargas

marv 0.7.2

A toolkit for bootstrapping and developing WordPress themes and plugins using Sass, LES...

21.477 Descargas

rrrspec-web 0.4.6

Execute RSpec in a distributed manner

17.981 Descargas

slender_data 0.7.5

Provides simple and extensible data management services to JavaScript applications.

16.781 Descargas


CMS based on Mercury Editor

15.836 Descargas

atreides 2.0.5

Atreides is an engine providing a evented CMS following a KISS principle

14.972 Descargas

formatron 0.1.16

AWS/Chef deployment tool based around Chef Server and AWS CloudFormation

13.804 Descargas

gokart 0.1.0

Combination of tooks which will make developing webapps using go easier. The gokart ge...

13.650 Descargas

smallvictories 0.0.19

Small Victories Ruby interface.

13.119 Descargas

rrd-grapher 1.0.3

Graphing toolkit for RRD

7.732 Descargas

git_handsome 0.0.3

Pretty graphs for git repositories.

7.344 Descargas

fones 0.1.3

A toolkit for bootstrapping and developing WordPress themes with Bones Theme as a start...

7.165 Descargas

guard_boilerplate 0.2.0

A simple script that allows you to run Guard to refresh your web browser and optionally...

7.157 Descargas

ela 4.1.6

HTML5 E-Learning Framework

6.499 Descargas

Total de descargas 5.145.196

Para esta versión 2.355.978

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