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Dependencias inversas para guard-rubocop 1.3.0

CloudSesame 1.0.1

AWS CloudSearch Query DSL

60.727 Descargas

jekyll-contentful-data-import 1.8.1

Load blog posts and other managed content into Jekyll

60.450 Descargas

rich_text_renderer 0.2.2

Rich Text Renderer for the Contentful RichText field type

56.608 Descargas

contact-data 0.6.0

A Ruby gem to retrieve data about people and organizations from

53.467 Descargas

attributor-flatpack 1.3.0

Attributor type for loading configuration data

48.979 Descargas

samvera-nesting_indexer 2.0.0

Samvera nested collections indexing

45.422 Descargas

midwire_common 1.1.1

A useful Ruby library

40.902 Descargas

name-tamer 0.5.3

Useful methods for taming names

40.101 Descargas

ki 0.4.12

it said optional

36.090 Descargas

paper_house 0.6.2

Rake tasks for compiling C projects.

36.042 Descargas

yaml_normalizer 1.2.0

Yaml Normalizer follows the notion that there is a normalized YAML file format. It ...

35.744 Descargas

redsnow 0.4.4

Ruby bindings for Snow Crash

35.715 Descargas

administrate-field-carrierwave 0.5.0

A plugin to manage Carrierwave attachments in Administrate

35.533 Descargas

elmas 3.1.0

API wrapper for Exact Online

34.070 Descargas

jpeg 0.7.1

libjpeg wrapper for ruby

33.771 Descargas

roqua-healthy 1.5.11

Receives queries from RoQua, sends them to Mirth, and translates Mirth's responses back...

32.067 Descargas

active_record_encryption 0.2.1

Provides transparent encryption for ActiveRecord. You can protect your data with any en...

32.046 Descargas

capistrano-env 1.0.0

capistrano with environments

32.016 Descargas

contentful_rails 0.5.0

A gem to help with hooking Contentful into your Rails application

31.034 Descargas

contentful_bootstrap 3.12.0

Contentful CLI tool for getting started with Contentful

29.580 Descargas

dryspec 0.3.0

A Ruby gem to introduce RSpec helpers which can help you DRY up your specs

28.979 Descargas

ikazuchi 1.2.1

meta-package of useful gems for rails development

26.856 Descargas

guard-scss_lint 0.1.7

A Guard plugin to lint your .scss files using scss_lint. SCSS Lint changed from scss-li...

26.471 Descargas

racker 0.2.0

Racker allows for hierarchical template definitions for Packer.

25.958 Descargas

esp_sdk 2.8.0

SDK for interacting with the ESP API.

25.061 Descargas

vitals 0.12.0

Flexible StatsD instrumentation for Rails, Rack, Grape and more

24.821 Descargas

guard-haml_lint 1.1.0

Guard::HamlLint automatically runs Haml Lint tools.

24.588 Descargas

junk_drawer 1.6.1

random useful Ruby utilities

23.577 Descargas

stairs 0.10.0

It's a pain to setup new developers. Stairs is a utility and framework from which to wr...

23.543 Descargas

dxruby_sdl 0.0.17

`dxruby-sdl` is a ruby library for 2D graphics and game. It has same DXRuby API. It use...

23.463 Descargas

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