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Dependencias inversas para inch 0.8.0

simple_token_authentication 1.17.0

Simple (but safe) token authentication for Rails apps or API with Devise.

1.875.507 Descargas

wice_grid 4.1.0

A Rails grid plugin to create grids with sorting, pagination, and filters generated aut...

314.819 Descargas

capistrano_multiconfig_parallel 2.8.1

CapistranoMulticonfigParallel is a simple ruby implementation that allows you to run mu...

181.875 Descargas

sjekksum 0.1.1

A gem to provide some checksum algorithms like Damm, ISBN-10/13, Luhn, UPC and Verhoeff.

170.211 Descargas

money-currencylayer-bank 0.5.6

A gem that calculates the exchange rate using published rates from C...

139.779 Descargas

candy_check 0.2.1

Check and verify in-app receipts

135.368 Descargas

washout_builder 2.0.3

WashOut Soap Service HTML-Documentation generator (extends WashOut

132.597 Descargas

eight_ball 1.0.5

Ask questions about flagged features

74.280 Descargas

celluloid_pubsub 1.1.2

CelluloidPubsub is a simple ruby implementation of publish subscribe design patterns us...

63.988 Descargas

addic7ed 3.0.0

Ruby script (cli) to fetch subtitles on Addic7ed

63.947 Descargas

dns-zone 0.3.1

A Ruby library for building and parsing DNS zone files for use with Bind and PowerDNS (...

58.306 Descargas

hoodie 1.0.3

A collection of hipster methods and hoodie tools to make even the nerdy rubyist look cool.

48.063 Descargas

inch_ci-worker 0.3.10

Worker for the Inch CI project

45.374 Descargas

ashikawa-core 0.14.0

Ashikawa Core is a wrapper around the ArangoDB REST API. It provides low level access a...

44.172 Descargas

yaml_normalizer 1.2.0

Yaml Normalizer follows the notion that there is a normalized YAML file format. It ...

39.190 Descargas

dredd-rack 1.0.0

Convenient API blueprint testing with Apiary Dredd for Rack applications.

38.518 Descargas

paper_house 0.6.2

Rake tasks for compiling C projects.

36.213 Descargas

asana_exception_notifier 2.2.0

Simple ruby implementation to send notifications to Asana when a exception happen...

31.697 Descargas

uuids 5.0.0

AR model to store uuids assigned to various resources. It is expected a resource can be...

29.886 Descargas

update_repo 0.11.2

A Simple Gem to keep multiple locally-cloned Git Repositories up to date

27.368 Descargas

clintegracon 0.9.0

CLIntegracon allows you to build Integration specs for your CLI,independent if they are...

26.368 Descargas

guts 3.1.2

A mountable, extendbale, multisite, CMS engine for Rails 5with a basic dashboard interf...

23.892 Descargas

flatrack 1.4.1

A rack based static site builder with templates, layouts and project structure based ro...

22.512 Descargas

google-idtoken-verifier 0.2.0

Ruby interface to Google's API to verify ID tokens

19.649 Descargas

tax_generator 0.8.0

Tax generator is a simple XML processor and generator of HTMl files and uses celluloid ...

19.543 Descargas

hexx-suit 2.3.2

The module collects gems used for development and testing.

18.488 Descargas

rakuna 1.0.1

Rakuna provides mixins to simplify Webmachine development

18.251 Descargas

popular 0.7.4

Friendship gem for Rails/ActiveRecord. Popular saves time when developing social apps

17.542 Descargas

text2048 0.10.2

Text mode 2048 game in Ruby.

15.885 Descargas

delphix 0.4.1

A REST client for interacting with Delphix Appliance.

15.636 Descargas

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Para esta versión 25.708

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