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Dependencias inversas para ipaddress Latest version of the following gems require ipaddress

validator 0.1.1

ActiveModel validations for domains (including TLDs), ip addresses and email addresses ...

24.638 Descargas

firewall_constraint 0.1.3

Rails 3+4 firewall route constraints for keeping the bad guys out.

24.356 Descargas

openvas-cli 0.2.11

A full ruby implementation of the OpenVAS OMP (version 2.0) protocol.

23.824 Descargas

ledenet_api 1.4.2

An API for the LEDENET Magic UFO LED WiFi Controller

21.679 Descargas

tdi 0.2.4

Test Driven Infrastructure acceptance helpers for validating your deployed infrastructu...

20.879 Descargas

stubby 0.0.13

Declarative hosts / proxy management for multi-environment development

17.778 Descargas

saj_collector 1.0.3

Pull statistics from SAJ Solar Inverter and push them to PVOutput

15.504 Descargas

sakurraform 0.5.0

Manage Infrastructure from Code with Sakura no Cloud

15.160 Descargas

eks_cli 0.4.9

A utility to manage and create EKS (Kubernetes) cluster on Amazon Web Services

14.942 Descargas

c66-copper 0.0.7

Copper is a tool to validate configuration files

13.900 Descargas

fog-oraclecloud 0.1.17

This library can be used as a module for `fog` or as standalone provider to use the Ora...

13.846 Descargas

fog-proxmox 0.14.0

This library can be used as a module for `fog`.

13.611 Descargas

rack-subdomain 0.5.0

Rack middleware to route requests with subdomains to specified routes with substitutions

13.186 Descargas

tools 1.2.0

A set of tools to assist developer.

13.133 Descargas

automate-em 0.0.4

A framework for building automation.

12.479 Descargas

ns-fog 1.22.11

This gem is forked from I added the QingCloud provider to it...

12.238 Descargas

savant-scenes 1.2.1

Savant Scene Management

12.148 Descargas

aws-ip 0.0.2

find out AWS IP address

12.111 Descargas

rails_ip_validator 0.1.2

a class to validate ip. it builded for rails

11.270 Descargas

evented-ssh 0.1.1

SSH on the Ruby platform using event driven IO

10.941 Descargas

engineyard-dns 1.1.0

Easily configure your DNS with Engine Yard AppCloud via Fog.

10.750 Descargas

chef-ab 0.2.0

AB test like chef conf deployement

10.468 Descargas

gestio2masq 0.1.6

This gem provides an executable that generates dnsmasq dns and dhcp configuration from ...

10.310 Descargas

savant-echo 2.1.3

Savant Integration with Amazon Echo

10.288 Descargas

linux-ip-addr 0.0.8

Parse the output of ip addr on a linux system

10.172 Descargas

geoplugin 0.3.1

This is a Ruby wrapper library around the API provided by Geoplugin. Geoplugin is the e...

10.114 Descargas

yi_appium_caps_util 1.0.8

This utility updates the caps for iOS, Android macOS and tvOS devices. Please refer to ...

9.753 Descargas

wakame-vdc-agents 11.12.0

Datacenter Hypervisor

9.541 Descargas

wakame-vdc-dcmgr 11.12.0

Datacenter Hypervisor

9.465 Descargas

moocher 0.3.2

Keep Moochers Out. Ruby interface for Moocher api, A Reputation API and Anti-Abuse Serv...

9.350 Descargas

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