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Reverse dependencies for jira-ruby 1.6.0

git-whistles 1.4

A few helpers for classic Git workflows

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git-storyid 0.4.0

Helps include pivotal story id and description in commit

50,887 下載

lita-jira 0.9.0

A JIRA plugin for Lita.

49,027 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_versions 0.1.0

Manage your JIRA project's releases/versions with this plugin.

22,614 下載

toolshed 1.0.12

Utility that will automate simple daily tasks developers perform like creating a Github...

21,891 下載

git_scf 0.0.8

Provides git tools that match the SCF workflow.

15,322 下載

terjira 0.4.3

Terjira is interactive and easy to use command line interface (or Application) for Jira...

15,319 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_transition 0.2.1

Apply a JIRA transition to issues mentioned in the changelog

14,845 下載

mosespa 1.4.5

Play on command line with JIRA

14,246 下載

molflow 0.3.3

Workflow in Molinos

11,395 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_set_fix_version 1.0.3

Tags all Jira issues mentioned in git changelog with with a fix version from parameter ...

9,105 下載

capistrano-jira 0.3.1

Automated JIRA issues transitions after deployment with Capistrano

9,065 下載

fastlane-plugin-jira_release_notes 0.2.0

Release notes from JIRA for version

8,111 下載

speedflow-plugin-jira 0.3.6

A Speedflow plugin for JIRA.

6,804 下載

jira_tracker 0.1.0

Track time on Jira spent on individual issues

6,159 下載

groundskeeper-bitcore 0.8.0

A gem for managing releases and deployments.

5,996 下載

octopando 0.2.4

Makes your life easier

5,699 下載

fastlane-plugin-set_jira_fix_version 1.0.0

Adds fix version to specified JIRA issues. Creates version if needed

4,983 下載

caperoma 0.1.0

Optimize trivial things I do a lot every day: log time to Jira, start/finish tasks in P...

4,731 下載

errbit_jira_plugin 0.3.0

Jira integration for Errbit.

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jirabas 1.0.2

This helps you know what you're working on right now

4,447 下載

deployme 0.2.4

Simple tool to deploy current directory to anywhere

4,197 下載

danger-jira_sync 0.0.7

Synchronizes information between Jira and GitHub

3,422 下載

mongo-jira 0.0.2

Easy/Simple Jira command line tool

3,400 下載

jirify 0.2.3

JIRA for your terminal

3,164 下載

fastlane-plugin-cerberus 0.1.0

Cerberus is a fastlane plugin for extracting Jira issues from commit messages and shari...

2,475 下載

jira_dependency_visualizer 0.2.0

Creates a graphviz file from a JIRA ticket's dependencies

1,935 下載

jigit 1.0.2

Keep you JIRA issue statuses in sync with what you're doing actually.

1,895 下載

jira_issues 0.0.10

Jira Issues gem that supports quering and filtering data for external reporting and int...

1,883 下載

watch-keeper 0.1.1

One stop shop for adding issues to issue tracking systems

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