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Dependencias inversas para jquery-fileupload-rails Latest version of the following gems require jquery-fileupload-rails

s3_direct_upload 0.1.7

Direct Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload

2.139.003 Descargas

tenon 2.1.0

A highly flexible mountable Rails CMS built for rapid application development.

188.677 Descargas

pageflow 16.0.0

Multimedia story telling for the web.

172.624 Descargas

effective_assets 1.12.2

Upload images and files directly to AWS S3 with a custom form input then seamlessly org...

146.896 Descargas

brightcontent-attachments 2.6.0

Separate attachment resource for brightcontent

143.401 Descargas


LINES lets you manage your posts in a clear, consistent frontend. The gracefully slende...

130.194 Descargas

s3_file_field 1.3.0

jQuery File Upload extension for direct uploading to Amazon S3 using CORS

110.933 Descargas

anaconda 2.1.2

Dead simple file uploading to S3

109.780 Descargas

virgo 0.3.17

Virgo is a comprehensive team blogging tool for Ruby on Rails

83.886 Descargas

fuel 0.4.10

Fuel's goal is to be a simple yet customizable blogging gem.

82.881 Descargas

actionverb_s3_direct_upload 0.0.14

Direct Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload

75.973 Descargas


Upload image use gallery

53.886 Descargas

type_station 0.7.0

A simple CMS that just works and can be bolted onto a rails app with easy.

53.421 Descargas

spina-template 0.4.2


46.605 Descargas

activeadmin_cms 0.0.9

CMS functionality based on ActiveAdmin

35.938 Descargas

active_admin_multi_upload 0.1.0

Allows a user to upload multiple files within Active Admin. Includes features such as P...

27.076 Descargas

georgia 0.8.0

This is simply the best CMS in town. User authentication, widgets, slideshows, easy UI ...

25.462 Descargas

mokio 2.0.8

Mokio is a Content Management System that allows creation of sophisticated websites...

24.861 Descargas

intesys_asset_manager 1.2.4

An engine to manage your assets. It allows you to create/view assets

24.060 Descargas

s3direct 0.4.1

Upload directly to S3

22.019 Descargas

hicube 0.0.11

Simple CMS

21.888 Descargas

qiniu_direct_uploader 0.0.9

Direct upload to a Qiniu storage bucket.

18.621 Descargas

brightcontent-assets 2.0.5

Separate assets resource for brightcontent

16.162 Descargas

wafflemix 0.0.6

Coming Soon

14.826 Descargas

chat 1.0.0

A simple rails chat gem that leverages ActionCable

11.153 Descargas

s3_private_direct_upload 0.1.9

Direct Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload

10.375 Descargas

your_platform 1.0.1

Administrative and social network platform for closed user groups.

9.664 Descargas

boxroom 0.0.5

Rails file manager engine

8.271 Descargas

rdcms 1.0.28

This is the Basic Module of Rdcms. It Offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an Article-Module, a ...

8.146 Descargas

s3-upnow 0.3.0

Direct Upload to Amazon S3 With CORS and jquery-file-upload

7.871 Descargas

Total de descargas 11.267.573

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