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jruby-opensslの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require jruby-openssl

coupler 0.0.9

Coupler is a (JRuby) desktop application designed to link datasets together

22,090 ダウンロード

diametric 0.1.3

Diametric is a library for building schemas, queries, and transactions for Datomic from...

21,612 ダウンロード

proxeze 1.2.1

A basic proxy/delegate framework for Ruby that will allow you to wrap any object with a...

20,641 ダウンロード

fast-rsa-engine 0.4.2

this gem replaces the RSA signature and RSA ciphers from jruby-openssl by a faster impl...

19,281 ダウンロード

flowdock-git-hook 1.0.1

Git Post-Receive hook for Flowdock

19,218 ダウンロード

jactive_support 3.0.0

Extensions to add some activesupport flavor to java classes

18,711 ダウンロード

killbill-stripe 6.0.1

Kill Bill payment plugin for Stripe.

18,698 ダウンロード

oneis 2.0.6

ONEIS Developer Tools

17,940 ダウンロード

directories_interface 0.0.7

Searches for a person over ETV SOAP service and returns an array of phone and fax numbe...

17,465 ダウンロード

geoff-importer 0.2.2

importing of geoff files into a neo4j instance

15,268 ダウンロード

killbill-orbital 0.1.18

Kill Bill payment plugin for Orbital.

14,904 ダウンロード

solr_sail 0.1.0

From zero to search in the flash of a gem.

14,755 ダウンロード

jruby-pgp 0.4.0

PGP for JRuby

14,523 ダウンロード

stevedore-uploader 1.0.15


13,582 ダウンロード

maestro_common 1.0.0

A bunch of utility classes that are used in multiple places

12,837 ダウンロード

torquebox-remote-deployer 0.1.1

This utility allows you to deploy a Torquebox Knob file to a remote server

10,558 ダウンロード

file_worker 0.3.0

If you have files that you some how need to process, file_worker is your friend.

10,460 ダウンロード

haml-sass-converters 0.2.2

Provides convenient converters for HAML/SASS as plugin for RubyMine IDE.

8,826 ダウンロード

haml-sass-converters 0.2.2

Provides convenient converters for HAML/SASS as plugin for RubyMine IDE.

8,826 ダウンロード


wrapper for the twitter api on JRuby

7,969 ダウンロード

librato-metrics-taps 0.3.9

Taps for extracting metrics data and publishing to Librato Metrics

7,567 ダウンロード

kyotocabinet-java 0.3.0

Wrapper for Kyoto Cabinet's Java library for use with JRuby, to provide the same interf...

6,853 ダウンロード

killbill-braintree_blue 0.3.1

Kill Bill payment plugin for BraintreeBlue.

6,555 ダウンロード

killbill-payu-latam 0.3.0

Kill Bill payment plugin for PayU Latam.

6,302 ダウンロード

caruby-small 1.1.3

caSmall web service. See the Git README for more information.

5,914 ダウンロード

caruby-scat 1.2.2

Simple caTissue web application. See the home page for more information.

5,867 ダウンロード

mguymon-buildr 1.4.5

Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scal...

5,795 ダウンロード

fumoffu 0.1.0

I will make the description later

5,787 ダウンロード

jruby-msgpack 0.0.2

MessagePack for JRuby using the native Java library

5,387 ダウンロード

myerp_api 0.1.4

The myERP API gem is a lightweight gem for accessing the myERP REST web services

5,098 ダウンロード

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