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less 的反向依赖 2.6.0

less-rails 4.0.0

The dynamic stylesheet language for the Rails asset pipeline. Allows other gems to exte...

8,101,856 下载

sinatra-contrib 2.0.5

Collection of useful Sinatra extensions

7,845,297 下载

twitter-bootstrap-rails 4.0.0

twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 4, 3.x Asset...

4,775,029 下载

hamlit 2.9.3

High Performance Haml Implementation

3,439,445 下载

hamlit 2.9.3

High Performance Haml Implementation

3,439,445 下载

padrino-admin 0.14.4

Admin View for Padrino applications

756,823 下载

sinatra-support 1.2.2

Sinatra-support includes many helpers for forms, errors and many amazing things.

309,141 下载

sinatra-assetpack 0.3.5

Package your assets for Sinatra.

265,419 下载

sproutcore 1.11.0

SproutCore is a platform for building native look-and-feel applications on the web. Th...

262,577 下载

font-awesome-less 4.7.0

Font-Awesome LESS gem for use in Ruby projects

245,733 下载

genghisapp 2.3.11

Genghis is a single-file MongoDB admin app, made entirely out of awesome.

96,243 下载

massimo 0.10.3

Massimo builds HTML, Javascript, and CSS Files from your source.

90,833 下载

frank 1.0.12

Rapidly develop static sites using any supported templating language

78,308 下载

sensu-dashboard 0.10.4

A web interface for Sensu, a monitoring framework that aims to be simple, malleable, an...

66,278 下载

sprockets-less 0.6.1

The dynamic stylesheet language for the Sprockets asset pipeline.

65,397 下载

locomotivecms_mounter 1.5.8

Mount any LocomotiveCMS site, from a template on the filesystem, a zip file or even an ...

63,187 下载

hydeweb 0.2.3

Hyde lets you create static websites from a bunch of files written in HAML, Textile, Sa...

56,691 下载

rack-less 3.0.2

LESS CSS preprocessing for Rack apps.

55,292 下载

iugusdk 1.0.11

SDK for Iugu Platform Applications

45,912 下载

rdoc-generator-fivefish 0.4.0

A(nother) HTML(5) generator for RDoc. It uses {Twitter Bootstrap}[http://twitter.githu...

42,461 下载

zenweb 3.10.2

Zenweb is a set of classes/tools for organizing and formating a website. It is website ...

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guard-less 2.0.0

Guard::Less automatically compiles less (like lessc --watch)

37,760 下载

rake-pipeline-web-filters 0.7.0

A collection of web filters for rake-pipeline

37,578 下载

mint 0.7.4

Clean, simple library for maintaining and styling documents without a word processor. M...

37,364 下载

jekyll-less 0.0.4

Convert Less CSS files to standard CSS files as part of your Jekyll build.

34,848 下载

asset-resource 0.5.0

Manage CSS/JS assets as dynamic resources rather than static files

32,860 下载

forge 0.5.0

A toolkit for bootstrapping and developing WordPress themes.

29,434 下载

maglove 2.0.11

This gem contains development and built tools for creating MagLoft themes.

28,757 下载

slinky 0.8.3

A static file server for rich web apps that automatically compiles SASS, HAML, CoffeeSc...

27,739 下载


twitter-bootstrap-rails project integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 3.1 Asset Pi...

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