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Reverse dependencies for listen 3.1.5

retriable 3.1.2

Retriable is a simple DSL to retry failed code blocks with randomized exponential backo...

36,954,133 下載

guard 2.15.0

Guard is a command line tool to easily handle events on file system modifications.

26,386,862 下載

poltergeist 1.18.1

Poltergeist is a driver for Capybara that allows you to run your tests on a headless We...

19,701,584 下載

celluloid-supervision 0.20.6

Supervisors, Supervision Groups, and Supervision Trees for Celluloid.

14,554,636 下載

spring-watcher-listen 2.0.1

Makes spring watch files using the listen gem.

11,655,884 下載

jekyll-watch 2.2.1

Rebuild your Jekyll site when a file changes with the `--watch` switch.

6,779,816 下載

react-rails 2.5.0

Render components in views or controller actions. Server-side rendering powered by Exec...

6,267,713 下載

graphql 1.9.4

A plain-Ruby implementation of GraphQL.

5,754,248 下載


ZURB Foundation on Sass/Compass

2,365,935 下載

middleman-core 4.3.4

A static site generator. Provides dozens of templating languages (Haml, Sass, Compass, ...

2,196,770 下載

react_on_rails 11.2.2


2,035,654 下載

utf8-cleaner 0.2.5

Removes invalid UTF8 characters from the URL and other env vars

1,637,735 下載

rerun 0.13.0

Restarts your app when a file changes. A no-frills, command-line alternative to Guard, ...

1,603,560 下載

github-pages 198

Bootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally.

1,531,445 下載

calabash-cucumber 0.21.10

calabash-cucumber drives tests for native iOS apps. You must link your app with calabas...

1,228,252 下載

gitlab_git 10.7.0

GitLab wrapper around git objects

1,201,907 下載

ims-lti 2.2.3

Ruby library for creating IMS LTI tool providers and consumers

1,154,412 下載

danger-swiftlint 0.21.1

A Danger plugin for linting Swift with SwiftLint.

1,056,804 下載

calabash-android 0.9.9

calabash-android drives tests for native and hybrid Android apps.

889,078 下載

onebox 1.8.89

A gem for generating embeddable HTML previews from URLs.

855,804 下載

fontcustom 2.0.0

Font Custom makes using vector icons easy. Generate icon fonts and supporting templates...

795,916 下載

run_loop 4.2.2

The bridge between Calabash iOS and Xcode command-line tools like instruments and simctl.

791,285 下載

httplog 1.3.0

Log outgoing HTTP requests made from your application. Helpful for tracking API calls ...

709,206 下載

ldclient-rb 5.5.6

Official LaunchDarkly SDK for Ruby

639,536 下載

contentful-management 2.9.1

Ruby client for the Content Management API

584,575 下載

danger-junit 0.7.4

Get automatic inline test reporting for JUnit-conforming XML files.

550,713 下載

danger-todoist 2.0.0

A danger plugin for spotting introduced todos.

509,920 下載

danger-xcode_summary 0.5.0

Show formatted xcodebuild output in your PRs.

477,123 下載

grape-active_model_serializers 1.5.2

Provides a Formatter for the Grape API DSL to emit objects serialized with active_model...

425,635 下載

mailman 0.7.3

Mailman makes it easy to process incoming emails with a simple routing DSL

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