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Dependencias inversas para minitest-colorin Latest version of the following gems require minitest-colorin

asynchronic 3.0.2

DSL for asynchronic pipeline

27.785 Descargas

timing 0.2.7

Time utils

17.489 Descargas

rasti-app 7.1.1

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

17.283 Descargas

rasti-web 2.1.0

Web blocks to build robust applications

15.854 Descargas

datacenter 0.5.1

Manage and monitor servers and processes

15.800 Descargas

eternity 4.0.0

Distributed database version control system

14.619 Descargas

rasti-db 2.0.1

Database collections and relations

11.912 Descargas

hash_ext 0.6.1

Hash extensions without monkey patching

10.945 Descargas

restruct 1.1.0

Redis structures

7.847 Descargas

rasti-form 3.1.2

Forms validations and type casting

7.483 Descargas

bindy 0.0.5

Context binding for functions evaluation

5.964 Descargas

consty 1.0.3

Convert strings and symbols to constants in specific namespace

5.673 Descargas

broadcaster 1.0.1

Broadcasting based on Redis PubSub

4.754 Descargas

spool 1.0.5

Manage and keep alive pool of processes

4.715 Descargas

rasti-web-broadcaster 1.1.1

Enable server sent events with rack middleware implemented over Faye and Broadcaster (R...

3.394 Descargas

redic-sentinels 0.3.0

Redic::Sentinels is a wrapper for the Redis client that fetches configuration details f...

3.118 Descargas

simple_profiler 0.2.0

Simple Profiler

2.567 Descargas

excel_utils 1.1.2

Excel utils for easy read and write

1.644 Descargas

class_ancestry_sort 0.1.0

Topological sort for classes using ancestors as dependencies

1.523 Descargas

sequel-pg_defer_constraints 1.0.0

Disable and enable PG constraints

1.486 Descargas

string_ext 0.1.0

String utils for accented and special chars

1.232 Descargas

hierarchical_graph 1.0.2

Hierarchical graph representation

1.180 Descargas

working_calendar 0.1.0

Working calendar specification

851 Descargas

Total de descargas 12.899

Para esta versión 6.162

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