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moneyの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require money

money-oxr 0.4.2

A Money-compatible rate store that uses exchange rates from

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tangocard 7.0.3

Tango Card provides a RaaS API for developers (

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currency_select 2.0.0

Currency select plugin for Rails

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PipedrivePUT 1.2.3

Pipedrive gem support for activites, activity-types, deals, deal fields,organizations, ...

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activepayment 1.0.0

ActivePayment is an abstraction layer for different Payment-Interfaces (XML, JSON)

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iugusdk 1.0.11

SDK for Iugu Platform Applications

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mongoid_money_field 7.1.0

Use RubyMoney with mongoid

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plagiarism 0.1.3

Search for plagiarism and check your content for originality with Copyscape

49,638 ダウンロード

killbill-payment-test 6.0.0

Kill Bill Plugin to test the payment plugin api.

48,101 ダウンロード

nimbleshop_paypalwp 0.0.23

Provides Paypal web payments standard support to nimbleshop

47,139 ダウンロード

safai 0.0.28

A simple hello world gem

47,002 ダウンロード

field_mapper 0.4.5

Data mapping & transformation

43,845 ダウンロード

gillbus 0.22.5

Driver for Gillbus IDS API

39,866 ダウンロード

mad_cart 0.1.7

Provides a unified api for various e-commerce merchants.

39,498 ダウンロード

russian_central_bank 1.1.3

RussianCentralBank extends Money::Bank::VariableExchange and gives you access to the Ce...

38,608 ダウンロード

hashie-model 1.4.2

Hashie2 + ActiveModel 3, offering declared properties, validations, JSON serialization/...

37,186 ダウンロード

egov_utils 0.4.18

We hope it will help create better systems for all the eGoverment. In Czech Republic an...

36,220 ダウンロード

carter 0.8.1

A really simple shopping cart implementation for rails.

34,564 ダウンロード

active_merchant_card_flex 0.0.7

Provide support for CardFlex's standard integration and stored profile tokenization int...

32,636 ダウンロード

exchange-rates-generator 0.1.4

Generates a classes (or class like things) that can translate currency values in a spec...

32,155 ダウンロード

ebayapi 0.12.0

Ruby client for the eBay unified schema XML API

32,015 ダウンロード

beatport 0.4.0

A ruby gem for accessing the beatport api

31,766 ダウンロード

api_banking 0.1.33

Ruby SDK to Connect to Banks

31,513 ダウンロード

libcraigscrape 1.1.1

An easy library to do the heavy lifting between you and Craigslist‘s posting database. ...

31,233 ダウンロード

id 0.1.1

Easily convert hashes to Ruby objects. Originally developed at

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mws-orders 0.6.1

A Ruby interface to the Amazon MWS Orders API, built on Peddler

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appraisermetrics_report_service 0.1.8

["A service to generate pdf reports"]

28,225 ダウンロード

quicktravel_client 4.2.0

For integrating with QuickTravel API

26,722 ダウンロード

killbill-cybersource 5.2.7

Kill Bill payment plugin for Cybersource.

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administrate-field-money 0.2.1

A plugin to deal with money in Administrate

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