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mongo 的反向依赖 2.9.0

mongoid 7.0.4

Mongoid is an ODM (Object Document Mapper) Framework for MongoDB, written in Ruby.

10,627,339 下载

mongo_mapper 0.14.0

MongoMapper is a Object-Document Mapper for Ruby and Rails

1,293,116 下载

plucky 0.7.0

Thin layer over the ruby driver that allows you to quickly grab hold of your data (pluc...

1,184,355 下载

rails3-jquery-autocomplete 1.0.15

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 3.

1,096,228 下载

anemone 0.7.2

Anemone web-spider framework

651,579 下载

rails4-autocomplete 1.1.1

Use jQuery's autocomplete plugin with Rails 4.

268,248 下载

fluent-plugin-mongo 1.3.0

MongoDB plugin for Fluentd

206,692 下载

mongo_session_store 3.2.0

Rails session stores for Mongoid, or any other ODM. Rails 4 compatible.

194,201 下载

apollo-crawler 0.1.31

Gem for crawling data from external sources

160,179 下载

sensu-plugins-mongodb 2.1.0

This plugin provides native MongoDB instrumentation for m...

149,310 下载

bipbip 0.8.0

Agent to collect data for common server programs and push them to CopperEgg

129,969 下载

app_config 2.7.0

An easy to use, framework agnostic, customizable library to easily store and retrieve a...

113,839 下载

mongomatic 0.8.2

Mongomatic is a modular Ruby object mapper for Mongo

109,318 下载

mongomodel 0.5.7

MongoModel is a MongoDB ORM for Ruby/Rails similar to ActiveRecord and DataMapper.

106,506 下载

genghisapp 2.3.11

Genghis is a single-file MongoDB admin app, made entirely out of awesome.

96,904 下载

mongodb_logger 0.6.5

MongoDB logger for Rails

95,265 下载

cubicle 0.5.2

Cubicle provides a dsl and aggregation caching framework for automating the generation,...

93,962 下载

mongo_doc 0.6.34

ODM for MongoDB

91,435 下载

statsd 0.5.4

A network daemon for aggregating statistics (counters and timers), rolling them up, the...

90,765 下载

rack-oauth2-server 2.8.1

Because you don't allow strangers into your app, and OAuth 2.0 is the new awesome.

82,991 下载

mongodb 2.1.0

Persistence for any Ruby Object & Driver enhancements for MongoDB.

74,980 下载

abongo 1.0.8

Ruby A/B testing on MongoDB

74,282 下载

rackamole 0.4.1

Observe your web applications in the wild! == DESCRIPTION

73,983 下载

mongify 1.3.2

Mongify allows you to map your sql data into a mongodb document database with a simple ...

62,453 下载

mordor 0.3.3

Small gem to add MongoDB Resources, resources have attributes that translate into docum...

60,576 下载

whos_using_what 1.1.4

What companies are using what technologies

60,338 下载

mongoo 0.5.7

Simple object mapper for MongoDB

60,026 下载

ankusa 0.1.1

Text classifier with HBase, Cassandra, or Mongo storage

59,999 下载

euston-eventstore 1.2.7

Ruby port for Jonathan Oliver's EventStore. See f...

58,306 下载

whoops 0.5.5

A Rails engine which receives logs and provides an interface for them

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