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mysql 的反向依赖 2.9.1

database_cleaner 1.7.0

Strategies for cleaning databases. Can be used to ensure a clean state for testing.

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squeel 1.2.3

Squeel unlocks the power of Arel in your Rails application with a handy block-bas...

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machinist 2.0

Fixtures aren't fun. Machinist is.

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geokit-rails3 0.1.5

Port of the Rails plugin "geokit-rails" to Rails 3, as a gem

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seamless_database_pool 1.0.20

Add support for master/slave database database clusters in ActiveRecord to improve perf...

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activerecord-mysql-adapter 0.0.1

An ActiveRecord adapter for MySQL, based on mysql gem.

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birthday 0.3.1

Birthday gem creates convienent methods for date and datetime fields in ActiveRecord, m...

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dbd-mysql 0.4.4

MySQL DBI DBD, Leverages 'mysql' low-level driver

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rails-bigint-pk 1.2.0

Rails-bigint-pk modifies Rails so that it uses 64-bit primary and f...

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tagtical 1.6.2

Tagtical allows you do create subclasses for Tag and add additional functionality in an...

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spatial_adapter 1.3.1

Provides enhancements to ActiveRecord to handle spatial datatypes in PostgreSQL and...

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redhillonrails_core 1.2.0

Adds support in ActiveRecord for foreign_keys, complex indexes and other database-relat...

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activerecord-mysqlspatial-adapter 0.4.1

This is an ActiveRecord connection adapter for MySQL Spatial Extensions. It is based on...

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active_record_calculator 1.0.0

active_record_calculator does groupable aggregate functions in one sql call for better ...

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loose_tight_dictionary 1.0.5

DEPRECATED: use fuzzy_match instead. Find a needle in a haystack using string similarit...

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mysql_truck 0.6.6

Mysql database backup tool. Dumps/Loads to/from S3.

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automatic_foreign_key 1.3.0

Automatic Foreign Key automatically generates foreign-key constraints when creating tab...

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active_record_to_simpledb 0.3.3

It sends ActiveRecord objets to SimpleDB using Resque

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lifeboat 0.6.3

sends messages to SQS

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Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer ...

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distributed_mutex 1.1.7

Framework for using a distributed mutex along with an implementation of a mutex stored ...

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semantically-taggable 0.4.3

Based really very heavily on acts_as_taggable_on, but introduces tagging schemes and mo...

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weighted_average 2.0.2

Perform weighted averages, even across associations. Rails 3 only because it uses ARel.

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wontomedia 1.0.7

WontoMedia is a Ruby-on-Rails web app for community creation of an information cl...

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rails-dbd-mysql 0.1.0

MySQL DBI DBD, Leverages 'mysql' low-level driver

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rmybackup 0.3.7

Ruby mysql backup script, the script uses mysqldump from the system

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analytics 0.1.7

Analytics System

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manqod-server 1.287.0

Manqod is a desktop application for small companies to organize their data on an interf...

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sortifiable 0.2.8

This gem provides an acts_as_list compatible capability for sorting and reordering a nu...

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Connect to MYSQL more easily

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