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Dependencias inversas para nokogiri-happymapper 0.8.1

pivotal-tracker 0.5.13

Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API

578.642 Descargas

graticule 2.7.2

Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular servic...

212.323 Descargas

moab-versioning 4.2.2

Contains classes to process digital object version content and metadata

36.508 Descargas

peaty 0.5.0

Just another Pivotal Tracker API Implementation

23.716 Descargas

danger-jacoco 0.1.4

A short description of danger-jacoco.

20.757 Descargas

rixml 0.6.2

Parse RIXML files

20.251 Descargas

ruby_ufebs 0.3.0

Simple Construction of XML Defined by UFEBS for 2017/2018 standards

17.076 Descargas


A command-line interface to Pivotal Tracker.

16.919 Descargas

career_builder 0.2.2

Ruby wrapper for the CareerBuilder V2 HTTP XML API

14.140 Descargas

career_builder 0.2.2

Ruby wrapper for the CareerBuilder V2 HTTP XML API

14.140 Descargas

pivotal_sync 0.1.2

Read from the Pivotal Tracker v4 api. Next version will include pushing.

13.765 Descargas

openmenu 0.2.1

Openmenu is parser for OpenMenu xml files. NOTE: This is an early release. There is so...

8.317 Descargas

pivotal-tracker-fox 0.5.13

Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API

6.147 Descargas

happymapper-differ 0.2.3

In the unlikely event you are using HappyMapper, and the more unlikely event you ne...

6.086 Descargas

inspec_tools 1.4.2

Converter utils for Inspec that can be included as a gem or used from the command line

3.572 Descargas

interfactura-ruby 0.1.5

A Ruby SDK to interact with the Interfactura Web Services

2.894 Descargas


vCloud Director API Ruby Bindings

2.752 Descargas

dublin_bikes 0.0.1

Dublin Bikes gem

2.408 Descargas

arx 1.2.0

A Ruby interface for querying academic papers on the arXiv search API.

2.204 Descargas

lrd-pivotal-tracker 0.5.14

Ruby wrapper for Pivotal Tracker API, no frameworks required. Simply Ruby.

1.552 Descargas

amo_crm 0.2.2

Правильный клиент для работы c REST XML API, созданный по принципам SOLID

999 Descargas

tuffnells_api 0.1.1

This Rubygem handles tuffnells access and converts XML to JSON.

846 Descargas

brickset_api 0.1.0

This gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the (v2) API. The API...

363 Descargas

valuefirst 0.1.0

Ruby gem to communicate with valuefirst sms service provider.

290 Descargas

Total de descargas 798.374

Para esta versión 30.523

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 2.3.0