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nokogiri-happymapperの被依存性 0.8.1

pivotal-tracker 0.5.13

Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API

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graticule 2.7.2

Graticule is a geocoding API that provides a common interface to all the popular servic...

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moab-versioning 4.2.2

Contains classes to process digital object version content and metadata

36,523 ダウンロード

peaty 0.5.0

Just another Pivotal Tracker API Implementation

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danger-jacoco 0.1.4

A short description of danger-jacoco.

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rixml 0.6.2

Parse RIXML files

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ruby_ufebs 0.3.0

Simple Construction of XML Defined by UFEBS for 2017/2018 standards

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A command-line interface to Pivotal Tracker.

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career_builder 0.2.2

Ruby wrapper for the CareerBuilder V2 HTTP XML API

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career_builder 0.2.2

Ruby wrapper for the CareerBuilder V2 HTTP XML API

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pivotal_sync 0.1.2

Read from the Pivotal Tracker v4 api. Next version will include pushing.

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openmenu 0.2.1

Openmenu is parser for OpenMenu xml files. NOTE: This is an early release. There is so...

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pivotal-tracker-fox 0.5.13

Ruby wrapper for the Pivotal Tracker API

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happymapper-differ 0.2.3

In the unlikely event you are using HappyMapper, and the more unlikely event you ne...

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inspec_tools 1.4.2

Converter utils for Inspec that can be included as a gem or used from the command line

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interfactura-ruby 0.1.5

A Ruby SDK to interact with the Interfactura Web Services

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vCloud Director API Ruby Bindings

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dublin_bikes 0.0.1

Dublin Bikes gem

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arx 1.2.0

A Ruby interface for querying academic papers on the arXiv search API.

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lrd-pivotal-tracker 0.5.14

Ruby wrapper for Pivotal Tracker API, no frameworks required. Simply Ruby.

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amo_crm 0.2.2

Правильный клиент для работы c REST XML API, созданный по принципам SOLID

999 ダウンロード

tuffnells_api 0.1.1

This Rubygem handles tuffnells access and converts XML to JSON.

846 ダウンロード

brickset_api 0.1.0

This gem provides a Ruby wrapper around the (v2) API. The API...

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valuefirst 0.1.0

Ruby gem to communicate with valuefirst sms service provider.

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