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patronの被依存性 0.13.3

address_book 0.1.1

Exports address books from various e-mail services (Gmail,, Yandex, Rambler)

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livestatus 0.3.0

Livestatus is a simple Ruby library to control Nagios via MK Livestatus.

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facebook-graphclient 0.3

A bare-bones implementation of Facebook's new Graph API

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divoxx-patronage 0.0.6

TODO: longer description of your gem

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ssedap-client 0.0.4

A gem for authenticating and interfacing with an SSEDAP interface.

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ki_youtrack 0.0.4

Kiseru YouTrack client

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rdf-mapper 0.0.3

RDFMapper is a lightweight Ruby ORM that works with RDF data in a Rails-like fashion. I...

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sec 0.0.4

Reads information from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

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dialers 0.2.2

Api Wrappers for Ruby

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front_end_loader 0.3.1

Front End Loader allows clients to declare load tests using a pure-Ruby DSL. This means...

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ggoodale-rackspace_cloud 0.4.0

Gem enabling the management of Rackspace Cloud Server instances.

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adapt 0.0.1

An interface library for the PayPal Adaptive Payments service.

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patronage 0.0.7

Generic and simple webservice client library built on top of Patron, which uses libcurl

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http_event_logger 0.1.0

Logs HTTP events (connections, requests and responses). A number of HTTP libraries are...

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keysms 0.0.2

This gem wraps the API for the SMS gateway KeySMS run by the Norwegian company Keyteq. ...

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rsolr-patron 0.0.2

Provides http connections to Solr via Patron/libcurl

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google-directions 0.0.5

Google directions.

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rubysteps 0.0.4

RubySteps client application - yeah buddy! -

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zooline 0.0.3

Command line tool for zootool

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sagamore-client 3.0.3

Sagamore client library

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giant_client 0.1.1

GiantClient is a lightweight adapter agnostic wrapper for major HTTP client libraries.

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live_ensure 0.2.2

Library for interfacing with Live Ensure's Two Factor Auth

4,318 ダウンロード

brauchbar 0.1.0

adj, German. practical, convenient, utilizable, feasible AKA a decent HTTP client for Ruby

3,689 ダウンロード

fotolia 0.0.1

Provides a ruby interface to Fotolia via its XML-RPC api.

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event_inventory 0.0.1

An interface library for the Event Inventory web service.

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dusty-geocoder 0.0.3

Interface to Google's Geocoder API

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wfa 0.2

Workfrom Admin tools

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devino_sms 0.0.2

Send sms with

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rackspace_cloud 0.4.0

Gem enabling the management of Rackspace Cloud Server instances.

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pillow 0.5.0

Ruby HTTP client that takes full advantage of HTTP.

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