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rbnacl-libsodiumの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require rbnacl-libsodium

jose 1.1.3

JSON Object Signing and Encryption

1,053,946 ダウンロード

centurion 1.10.2

A deployment tool for Docker. Takes containers from a Docker registry and runs them on ...

227,500 ダウンロード

linecook-gem 0.7.36

Build and snapshot a system image for distribution, CI, or both using real chef cookboo...

111,127 ダウンロード

cryptor 1.1.1

A safe Ruby encryption library, designed to support features likemultiple active encryp...

63,320 ダウンロード

macaroons 1.0.0

Macaroons library in Ruby

48,276 ダウンロード

conf_conf 2.0.4

Verify correctness of environment variables

38,640 ダウンロード

voxpupuli-acceptance 1.0.1

A package that depends on all the gems Vox Pupuli modules need and methods to simplify ...

36,394 ダウンロード

porky_lib 0.11.0

A library for cryptographic services using AWS KMS and RbNaCl

23,005 ダウンロード

porky_lib 0.11.0

A library for cryptographic services using AWS KMS and RbNaCl

23,005 ダウンロード

coin-op 0.4.6

A pretty, simple to use interface for all of the cryptocurrency libraries you love to use.

21,247 ダウンロード

atpay_ruby 0.0.17

Ruby bindings for the @Pay API

19,462 ダウンロード

manifoldco_signature 0.1.4

Verify signed HTTP requests from Manifold

18,153 ダウンロード

fling 0.1.2

Fling is a system for automating the exchange of files and directoriesover Tahoe-LAFS, ...

15,466 ダウンロード

secretsharing 2.0.1

4/12/2016 - NO LONGER MAINTAINED - See Shamirs Secret Sharing is an algorith...

10,785 ダウンロード

lolitado 0.1.3

Lolitado DSL that works with Watir

9,639 ダウンロード

round 0.8.4

Gem is a full-stack Bitcoin API that makes it easy to build powerful blockchain apps wi...

8,860 ダウンロード

encrypto 0.2.0

A gem that supports encrypting personal data by using rbnacl and attr_encrypted

8,235 ダウンロード

vault-tree 0.8.0

Vault Tree is a Ruby library for executing distributed cryptographic contracts.

8,055 ダウンロード

dizby 2.1.0

Distributed Ruby

7,269 ダウンロード

loom-core 0.0.7

Repeatable management of remote hosts over SSH

6,134 ダウンロード

auction-ruby-base 0.1.3

eAuction client library: XDR

4,458 ダウンロード

messagesodium 1.0.0

Introduces modern crypto, higher performance, smaller cookies to your sessions.

4,132 ダウンロード

ncipher 0.3.4

Ncipher lets you encrypt/decrypt credentials in a safe and transparent way

3,570 ダウンロード

base64_token 1.0.2

Encodes ruby hashes as encrypted and URL-safe tokens.

3,495 ダウンロード

shatter 0.0.2

Framework to facilitate distributed computing with Ruby

3,224 ダウンロード

shadowsocks_ruby 0.1.2

ShadowsocksRuby is a SOCKS (layer 4) like tunnel proxy to help you bypass firewalls.

2,579 ダウンロード

hl_cli_demo 0.0.10

A sample CLI for the Hyperledger protocol.

1,880 ダウンロード

open-core 0.3.0

Open core client library: XDR

1,761 ダウンロード

factom-ruby 0.1.1

Ruby client consumes Factom ( API.

1,641 ダウンロード

rest-ftp-daemon-remote-sftp 0.0.2

rest-ftp-daemon plugin: sFTP

1,640 ダウンロード

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