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Reverse dependencies for recaptcha 5.0.0

appoxy_sessions 0.0.22

Appoxy Sessions gem description...

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Cards are wiki-inspired data atoms."Carditects" use links, nests, types, patterned name...

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cama_contact_form 0.0.28

Permit to create unlimited of contact forms for Camaleon CMS

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rack-attack-recaptcha 0.0.3

An extension for Rack::Attack that supports responding to throttled requests with Recap...

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trusty-rad-social-extension 3.0.0

Makes Trusty CMS better by adding rad_social!

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community_engine 3.2.0

CommunityEngine is a free, open-source social network platform for Ruby on Rails applic...

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rad_kit 0.0.10

Rapid Application Development Kit for Rad Framework

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azimuth_spree_easy_contact 1.1.0

So people can, um, contact you.

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insight_rails 0.3.1

Customer Support and Knowledge Base

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wordjelly-auth 1.5.3

Simple authentication solution for any rails app.

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Part of MokshaCms, providing core functionality, including internationalization

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home_page 0.0.6

#Ruby on #Rails CMS with #Crowdsourcing support changes:

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refinerycms-contacts 0.2.0

Ruby on Rails Contacts extension for Refinery CMS

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ish_lib 0.0.8

models, specs of models, and assets for microsites_cluster

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spree_email_to_friend 1.0.0

Spree extension to send product recommendations to friends

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calagator 1.0.0

Calagator is an open source community calendaring platform

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publify_core 9.1.0

Core engine for the Publify blogging system, formerly known as Typo.

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rails-bootstrap-widgets 0.0.2

Set of helpers that define widget methods for usage in a views.

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contactify 0.1

Builds the form to get contacts on your site using reCaptcha and the Rails resources fo...

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kms_feedback 0.1.0

KMS extension allowing to have feedback/callback/contact forms on your website

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alchemy-ajax-form 0.1.0

Structure to implement the forms using ajax and management in the backend

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