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Reverse dependencies for reek Latest version of the following gems require reek

semaphore_test_boosters 2.6.0

Gem for auto-parallelizing builds across Semaphore jobs.

12,072,696 下載

authy 2.7.5

Ruby library to access Authy services

9,575,385 下載

grease 0.3.2

Grease provides an adapter to use Tilt as extension of Sprockets 3 or later.

5,088,624 下載

progress_bar 1.3.1

Give people feedback about long-running tasks without overloading them with information...

4,648,638 下載

rubycritic 4.5.2

RubyCritic is a tool that wraps around various static analysis gems to provide a qualit...

3,481,516 下載

find_a_port 1.0.1

Use a TCPServer hack to find an open TCP port

2,744,440 下載

yarjuf 2.0.0

Yet Another RSpec JUnit Formatter (for Hudson/Jenkins)

1,911,784 下載

capybara-selenium 0.0.6

Dead-simple way to make Capybara and Selenium play together

1,756,457 下載

metric_fu 4.13.0

Code metrics from Flog, Flay, Saikuro, Churn, Reek, Roodi, Code Statistics, and Rails B...

1,271,148 下載

xdg 4.2.0

Provides an implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specification.

856,550 下載

transitions 1.2.1

Lightweight state machine extracted from ActiveModel

742,355 下載

pronto-reek 0.10.0

Pronto runner for Reek, code smell detector for Ruby

570,697 下載

active_frontend 18.0.1

ActiveFrontend is a refreshingly modern responsive web framework for beautiful and fast...

420,567 下載

cacheable_flash 1.0.0

Allows caching of pages with flash messages by rendering flash messages from a cookie u...

329,154 下載

stackable_flash 0.1.1

Allows flashes to stack intelligently, while preserving existing behavior of the Rails ...

278,704 下載

it 2.0.0

A helper for links and other html tags in your translations

251,027 下載

quality 37.1.1

Quality is a tool that runs quality checks on your code using community tools, and make...

242,918 下載

rltk 3.0.1

The Ruby Language Toolkit provides classes for creating context-free grammars, lexers, ...

199,096 下載

guard-reek 1.2.0

Guard::Reek automatically runs Reek when files change

197,145 下載

que-scheduler 3.4.2

A lightweight cron scheduler for the Que async job worker

155,229 下載

kitchen-terraform 5.5.0

kitchen-terraform is a set of Test Kitchen plugins for testing Terraform configuration

130,587 下載

fusuma 1.11.1

Fusuma is multitouch gesture recognizer. This gem makes your touchpad on Linux able to ...

126,195 下載

kookaburra 3.0.1

Cucumber + Capybara = Kookaburra? It made sense at the time.

117,653 下載

cosmos 4.4.2

Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and...

116,683 下載

cosmos 4.4.2

Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and...

116,683 下載

trema 0.10.1

Trema is a full-stack, easy-to-use framework for developing OpenFlow controllers in Ruby.

106,586 下載

gemsmith 14.6.0

A command line interface for smithing new Ruby gems.

100,350 下載

csv_pirate 5.0.9

CsvPirate is the easy way to create a CSV of essentially anything in Ruby, in full pira...

95,037 下載

active_object 5.14.1

Class extensions of commonly used ruby object helpers.

84,844 下載

rack-insight 0.6.4

Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware. Based on logical...

80,937 下載

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