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Dependencias inversas para rspec-given Latest version of the following gems require rspec-given

pagerduty 3.0.0

Provides a lightweight interface for calling the PagerDuty Integration API

4.317.303 Descargas

event_bus 1.1.1

event_bus provides support for application-wide events, without coupling the publishing...

1.073.468 Descargas

schema_monkey 2.1.5

Provides a module insertion protocol to facilitate adding features to ActiveRecord

1.038.880 Descargas

schema_plus_core 2.2.3

Provides an internal extension API to ActiveRecord, in the form of middleware-style cal...

1.031.848 Descargas

modware 0.1.3

A middleware library, featuring a simple interface and "callback" style semantics in th...

1.019.736 Descargas

gimme 0.5.0

gimme attempts to bring to Ruby a test double workflow akin to Mockito in Java. Major d...

634.109 Descargas

rspec-page-regression 0.4.2

Rspec-page-regression provides a mechanism for headless regression testing of web page ...

628.674 Descargas

schema_plus_tables 0.1.1

Extends ActiveRecord's handling of tables

311.588 Descargas

dalli-rate_limiter 0.3.0

Arbitrary Memcached-backed rate limiting for Ruby

280.402 Descargas

microsoft_graph 0.1.3

Ruby SDK for Microsoft Graph

169.208 Descargas

cztop 0.14.1

CZMQ Ruby binding, based on the generated low-level FFI bindings of CZMQ

133.414 Descargas

trema 0.10.1

Trema is a full-stack, easy-to-use framework for developing OpenFlow controllers in Ruby.

107.534 Descargas

decisiontree 0.5.0

ID3-based implementation of the M.L. Decision Tree algorithm

95.355 Descargas

artirix_data_models 0.32.0

used in Boat International UI and Admin apps

74.795 Descargas

configurethis 1.0.5

Clean up your configuration approach by using Configurethis. Configurethis allows you t...

70.192 Descargas

trecs 0.4.2

Record text screencasts.

65.198 Descargas

schema_dev 3.11.2

SchemaPlus development tools

62.400 Descargas

uia 0.7

A low-level wrapper around Microsoft UI Automation for ruby

48.123 Descargas

caseblocks_api 0.2.20

Ruby wrapper for CaseBlocks API

40.975 Descargas

klomp 1.0.8

Klomp is a simple [Stomp] messaging client that keeps your sanity intact. The purpose ...

40.571 Descargas

paper_house 0.6.2

Rake tasks for compiling C projects.

36.656 Descargas

rubycfn 0.5.3

RubyCFN is a light-weight CloudFormation DSL

35.315 Descargas

jruby-lint 0.9.0

This utility presents hints and suggestions to give you an idea of potentially troubl...

34.683 Descargas

combi 0.4.0

Provides implementation for in process, amqp or web socket service bus

31.634 Descargas

preek 1.7.0

Preek prints Ruby code smells in color, using Reek.

28.756 Descargas

mohawk 0.4.4

Mohawk is a page-object style driver that makes it easy to automate windows application...

27.723 Descargas

resourcerer 2.0.3

Define resources to automatically find a record and assign its attributes.

25.763 Descargas

rfunk 2.1.0


24.393 Descargas

invitational 1.4.3

Solution that eliminates the tight coupling between user identity/authentication and ap...

24.166 Descargas

presenter_rails 2.0.0

Presenter helps you expose view models to your views with a declarative approach.

23.148 Descargas

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