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Dependencias inversas para rspec-given Latest version of the following gems require rspec-given

dill 0.9.0


22.842 Descargas

pakiderm 2.0.0

Pakiderm is a simple module that encapsulates a modern memoization technique.

21.359 Descargas

action_commander 1.0.16

The action template with the callbacks support

20.835 Descargas

gilmour 0.4.7

This gem provides a Sinatra like DSL and a simple protocol to enable writing services t...

20.785 Descargas

company_scope 1.0

A simple solution for Rails Multi Tenancy based on Active Record Default Scopes.

19.262 Descargas

orcid 0.9.1

A Rails engine for integration.

18.501 Descargas

scrambler 0.1.2

Scrambler for cubes and other puzzles

17.966 Descargas

cute_print 1.4.0

cute_print writes debug output to stderr. Optionally prints the source filename and li...

17.824 Descargas

guard-preek 0.0.9

Guard for refactoring, view code smells in color using Preek

17.746 Descargas

connectator 0.0.8

This gem lets you make connections to multiple kinds of DBMS systems through DBI

17.194 Descargas

text2048 0.10.2

Text mode 2048 game in Ruby.

16.591 Descargas

cucumber-salad 0.4.0


16.142 Descargas

cliprompt 0.1.2

This library provides a simple DSL for managing user interaction in a CLI application.

15.744 Descargas

upcloudify 0.3.3

Upcloudify simplifies the process for uploading attachments t...

15.374 Descargas

state_objects 0.9.2

'State' Design Pattern from the Gang of Four book. Many other state machines focus on ...

14.744 Descargas

usercycle 0.1.4

Ruby library for integrating with the USERcycle API

14.091 Descargas


domain_driven provides Rails abstract classes and generators to support for a Domain Dr...

13.424 Descargas

ripplr 1.0.2.rc

Ripplr provides a lower barrier to entry for developers wishing to migrate to Riak. Rip...

13.220 Descargas

click 0.2.0

A tool to help track down the source of an object leak in a Ruby process

13.181 Descargas

squares 0.3.1

[*] Lightweight ORM backed by any hash-like storage: Redis, LevelDB or plain old hashes.

12.868 Descargas

encapsulate_as_money 0.3

Represent model attributes as Money instances

12.290 Descargas

monet 0.3.1

Monet is a web UI change comparer.

12.027 Descargas

servme 0.2.0

a simple test server for stubbing API responses

11.302 Descargas

mobilify 1.2.1

page-object methods invoked with one call but defined contextually

11.121 Descargas

capybara-ui 1.2.0

Capybara-UI (formerly called Dill) is a Capybara abstraction that makes it easy to defi...

10.402 Descargas

active-record-forcible-index 0.0.4

ActiveRecord extension that gives USE and FORCE index to any ActiveRecord Model.

10.232 Descargas

hybridgroup-argus 0.5.1

Argus is a Ruby interface to a Parrot AR Drone quadcopter.Argus is extremely experiment...

10.182 Descargas

kosapi_client 0.13.0

REST client for KOSapi service

9.757 Descargas

url_params_manager 0.6.0

Allows SEO Friendly urls for search pages to be built easily. Intended to be used with ...

8.905 Descargas

emoruby 0.2.0

A little emoji language that compiles down to Ruby. "It's just ruby."

8.531 Descargas

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