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rubocop-github 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require rubocop-github

graphql-client 0.16.0

A Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries

8,031,918 下载

extended-markdown-filter 0.7.0

This is a custom Markdown processor to be used with GitHub's HTML::Pipeline.

4,519,537 下载

github-pages 212

Bootstrap the GitHub Pages Jekyll environment locally.

2,734,561 下载

view_component 2.26.1

View components for Rails

491,011 下载

licensed 2.14.4

Licensed automates extracting and validating the licenses of dependencies.

263,579 下载

actionview-component 1.17.0

MOVED to view_component.

246,082 下载

peatio 2.6.3

Peatio gem contains microservices and command line tools

56,471 下载

nanoc-conref-fs 0.7.0

A Nanoc filesystem to permit using conrefs/reusables in your content.

25,431 下载

peatio-dash 2.6.1

Peatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

21,921 下载

code_quality 0.5.2

run code quality and security audit report with one command or one rake task

11,005 下载

irix 2.6.0

Irix is implementing several crypto-exchange for Arke and Peatio.

8,947 下载

devise-fireauth 0.1.0.rc1

Firebase as authentication service behind the devise

6,779 下载

bitgo-client 0.1.7

A Ruby client to BitGo's API and Express API.

5,789 下载

graphql-preview 0.2.0

Provide a system for toggling parts of a GraphQL schema on.

5,566 下载

primer_view_components 0.0.26

ViewComponents for the Primer Design System

4,915 下载

whatsapp 1.0.0

A Ruby interface to WhatsApp Enterprise API.

4,852 下载

active_preview 0.1.6

Create previews of ActiveRecord objects that don't ...

4,423 下载

peatio-nexbit 2.2.2

Peatio-nexbit gem make nexbit easy to integrate in peatio platform

3,242 下载

compose-hook 0.1.4

Simple webhook application to update a service using docker compose

3,139 下载

ubcbooker 1.0.0

CLI tool to book project rooms in UBC

2,674 下载

graphql-idl-parser 0.1.1

A parser for the GraphQL IDL format.

2,023 下载

peatio-ndc 2.0.1

Peatio Blockchain Plugin for easy integration of NDC Wallet Blockchain platform.

1,926 下载

tree-sitter 0.1.0

Ruby bindings to Tree-Sitter

1,675 下载

satoshis 0.3.0

A Ruby gem to manipulate Bitcoin money without loss of precision.

1,646 下载


Peatio Thought Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

1,491 下载

ultex-eos 0.2.2

Blockchain Plugin for Ultex

1,415 下载

peatio-goldcash 2.6.8

Peatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

1,355 下载

graphql-client-jennius 0.16.1

A Ruby library for declaring, composing and executing GraphQL queries

1,055 下载

peatio-umbrud 0.1.1

Peatio Blockchain Plugin for Rubykube

949 下载

peatio1.9 0.4.7

Peatio gem contains microservices and command line tools

751 下载

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这个版本 5,379

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需要的 Ruby 版本: >= 2.5.0