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resque-metrics 0.1.1

A simple Resque plugin that times and saves some simple metrics for Resque jobs back in...

577,657 下載

mailchimp 0.0.9

This provides Ruby access to (eventually) all of Mailchimp's APIs

350,645 下載

barista 1.3.0

Barista provides simple, integrated support for CoffeeScript in Rack and Rails applicat...

337,981 下載

acts_as_cleo 3.0.2

LinkedIn Open Source type ahead tool's REST API as a ruby gem. Now with Reddis support.

164,461 下載

samurai 0.4.0

If you are an online merchant and using, this gem will make you...

132,857 下載

rest_connection 1.0.16

This gem is deprecated! Please use right_api_client instead. The rest_connection gem si...

126,788 下載

mongomatic 0.8.2

Mongomatic is a modular Ruby object mapper for Mongo

126,065 下載

acts_as_multipart_form 0.0.16

Multipart forms using custom routes

108,097 下載

mongo_doc 0.6.34

ODM for MongoDB

107,393 下載

jsus 0.4.0

Javascript packager and dependency resolver

98,869 下載

dynamic_fieldsets 0.1.20

Dynamic fieldsets for rails controllers

91,084 下載

supernova 0.7.6

Unified search scopes

87,130 下載

mongoo 0.5.7

Simple object mapper for MongoDB

71,714 下載

ey_stonith 0.4.2

Shoot The Other Node In The Head (with a nerf gun)

70,129 下載


gem command around reviewed topic branches. Supports workflow of the form: # al...

68,742 下載

riaction 1.4.0

Wrapper for IActionable's restful API and an "acts-as" style interface for models to be...

66,384 下載

data_science_theater_3000 1.0.3

Ruby interface to issue Data Science Toolkit API calls.

63,805 下載

cadun 0.8.3

A wrapper for the's authentication/authorization API

58,286 下載

kitty_gen 0.0.26

Save 5 hours starting your next project and use the latest and greatest best practices.

55,194 下載

cartodb-importer 0.2.19

Import CSV, SHP, and other files with data into a PostgreSQL table

54,243 下載

muck-invites 3.5.0

The invite engine for the muck system.

51,472 下載

punkt-segmenter 0.9.1

Ruby port of the NLTK Punkt sentence segmentation algorithm

49,572 下載

spreedly-core-ruby 0.3.0

Spreedly is a cloud service that allows you to store credit cards and run transactions ...

49,528 下載

ecircle 0.1.7

The ecircle gem aims to be a full-fledged client for all ecircle services.

44,122 下載

bloc 0.1.2

A command-line tool for Bloc

44,120 下載

rutty 2.5.4

RuTTY is a DSH (distributed / dancer's shell) written in Ruby. It's used to run command...

43,128 下載

rbraspag 0.1.1

rbraspag gem to use Braspag gateway

43,041 下載

scribe_api 0.3.0

easily access the scribe api.

42,954 下載

genesis 1.10.0

A data seeding solution for Ruby on Rails providing seeding facilities far more advance...

42,490 下載

kiteditor 1.0.25

This is a fork of the wonderful Mercury Rails WYSIWYG editor, modified very slightly fo...

40,644 下載

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