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Dependencias inversas para sdoc 1.0.0

gli 2.18.2

Build command-suite CLI apps that are awesome. Bootstrap your app, add commands, optio...

13.750.300 Descargas

aasm 5.0.5

AASM is a continuation of the acts-as-state-machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby ...

12.134.773 Descargas

sidekiq-cron 1.1.0

Enables to set jobs to be run in specified time (using CRON notation)

6.338.711 Descargas

packetfu 1.1.13

PacketFu is a mid-level packet manipulation library for Ruby. With it, users can re...

1.314.148 Descargas

plaid 8.1.0

Ruby gem wrapper for the Plaid API. Read more at the homepage, the wiki, or in the Plai...

1.300.691 Descargas

methadone 2.0.2

Methadone provides a lot of small but useful features for developing a command-line app...

934.441 Descargas

mls 1.9.0

Ruby library for integrating with the 42Floors MLS

228.914 Descargas

acts_as_markup 2.0.2

Represent ActiveRecord Markdown, Textile, RDoc columns as Markdown, Textile, RDoc objec...

155.307 Descargas

hydra-editor 5.0.0

A basic metadata editor for hydra-head

153.089 Descargas

konjac 0.3.4

A Ruby command-line utility for translating files using a YAML wordlist

111.118 Descargas

microwave 11.400.8

A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...

69.296 Descargas

sdoc_all 1.3.3

WARNING: sdoc_all is no longer maintained, try doc gem. Command line tool to get docum...

47.815 Descargas

virgo 0.3.17

Virgo is a comprehensive team blogging tool for Ruby on Rails

41.556 Descargas

nezu 0.9.4

Skel generator and launcher for amqp consumers.

41.232 Descargas


rupee aims to provide user-friendly tools for use in financial ge...

40.162 Descargas

doc 0.5.0

Generate `Rakefile` with `docr` and get searchable documentation for ruby, rails, gems,...

37.155 Descargas

redis-model-extension 0.4.2

It provides functions as find, find_by_alias, get, exists?, validate, save etc.

36.633 Descargas

qrencoder 1.4.1

This Gem is a wrapper around an useful open-source library for creating QR Codes, a t...

34.657 Descargas

knife-softlayer 0.4.7

A knife plugin for launching and bootstrapping instances in the IBM SoftLayer cloud.

32.418 Descargas

lucie-lib 0.1.2

Command line utility framework

30.977 Descargas

lucie-bin 0.1.2

Command line utility framework

30.789 Descargas

lucie-cmd 0.1.2

Shell command for Lucie command line utility framework

29.006 Descargas

to_pass 1.0.1

Passwords should be easy to remember and hard to guess. One technique is to have a ...

24.718 Descargas

trac4r 1.2.4

Basic ruby client library and command line interface for accessing Trac instances via i...

24.652 Descargas

json-maglev- 1.7.5

This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C.

24.209 Descargas

arcserver.rb 0.1.5

A library for accessing ESRI ArcServer REST APIs from a unified interface

22.855 Descargas

activerecord-column-reader 1.0.0

Simple ActiveRecord optimization

21.468 Descargas

slingshot-rb 0.0.10

This gem has been renamed to "tire", please go to

20.231 Descargas

rgentpl 1.2.6

Ruby Skeleton Generator based in templates

18.925 Descargas

dm-is-published 1.2.0

A DataMapper plugin that provides an easy way to add different states to your models.

18.698 Descargas

Total de descargas 55.108.124

Para esta versión 1.350.610

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Versión de Ruby requerida: >= 1.9.3

Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 1.3.6