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Dependencias inversas para slack-notifier Latest version of the following gems require slack-notifier

eye 0.10.0

Process monitoring tool. Inspired from Bluepill and God. Requires Ruby(MRI) >= 1.9.3...

82.930.003 Descargas

uniform_notifier 1.16.0

uniform notifier for rails logger, customized logger, javascript alert, javascript cons...

70.789.238 Descargas

exception_notification 4.5.0

Exception notification for Rails apps

13.738.162 Descargas

xcov 1.8.1

xcov is a friendly visualizer for Xcode's code coverage files

5.146.233 Descargas

stoplight 3.0.0

An implementation of the circuit breaker pattern.

4.605.626 Descargas

scan 1.0.0

The easiest way to run tests of your iOS and Mac app

1.042.389 Descargas

activity_notification 2.2.3

Integrated user activity notifications for Ruby on Rails. Provides functions to configu...

495.534 Descargas

simple_deploy 0.10.2

Opinionated gem for Managing AWS Cloud Formation stacks and deploying updates to Instan...

174.164 Descargas

clearbit-slack 0.2.2

Push rich Clearbit enrichment data in a Slack channel.

173.886 Descargas

minimum_viable_product 0.7.15

Built for Developers. Ideal for MVPs, product ideation and validation.

131.385 Descargas

mihari 4.8.0

A framework for continuous OSINT based threat hunting

110.527 Descargas

taperole 2.1.1

General purpose server provisioning and application deployment toolkit

96.977 Descargas

cheftacular 2.15.5

Ruby gem for managing a chef stack. Primarily targetted towards rails stacks and is des...

94.232 Descargas

station 0.5.11

Station provides a documentation platform ready to use with your custom documentation.

67.406 Descargas

miteru 1.2.2

An experimental phishing kit detector

65.290 Descargas

brewer 1.0.1

A Ruby API for adaptiman/adaptibrew

63.932 Descargas

popper 0.5.2

email notification tool

55.506 Descargas

patches 3.6.2

A simple gem for one off tasks for example database patches

54.856 Descargas

maltese 0.9.12

Ruby library to generate sitemap for DataCite Commons.

50.953 Descargas

cloud-mu 3.5.1

The eGTLabs Mu toolkit for unified cloud deployments. This gem contains the Mu deployme...

49.089 Descargas

slack_trello 0.8.3

Helper methods to effectively use Slack & Trello with your team's Scrum processes.

43.828 Descargas

errdo 0.12.14

A simple plugin to handle, log, and customize production errors

38.788 Descargas

sidekiq-scheduler-notification 1.0.0

Slack notification middleware for sidekiq-scheduler

38.225 Descargas

toccatore 0.4.15

Ruby library to find ORCID IDs in the DataCite Solr index.

37.519 Descargas

jobly 0.5.9

Execute background jobs and build tasks on this sidekiq-based job server

37.151 Descargas

ruboty-redmine 1.0.0

Redmine plugin for Ruboty

35.975 Descargas

eb-docker-deploy 1.0.0

deploy with docker and aws eb

34.845 Descargas

jekyll-recker 2.6.0

The Greatest Jekyll Plugin in the World

34.205 Descargas

malsh 0.3.6

mackerel tools.

33.874 Descargas

mr_bump 0.3.7

Bump versions

33.819 Descargas

Total de descargas 74.827.760

Para esta versión 8.770.259

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