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Reverse dependencies for text-table Latest version of the following gems require text-table

reportbuilder 1.4.2

Report Abstract Interface. Creates text, html, pdf and rtf output, based on a common fr...

541,887 下載

minimization 0.2.5

Minimization algorithms on pure Ruby

510,770 下載

cli-format 0.2.0

Format cli output in different ways: tab, table, csv, json, etc

426,873 下載

jets 3.0.22

Jets is a framework that allows you to create serverless applications with a beautiful ...

305,456 下載

tailor 1.4.1

tailor parses Ruby files and measures them with some style and static analysis "rulers"...

289,211 下載

lono 7.5.1

The CloudFormation Framework

192,675 下載

ufo 5.0.5

AWS ECS Deploy Tool

156,005 下載

magellan-cli 0.11.1

commandline tools for magellanic cloud service.

125,397 下載


Glimmer DSL for SWT (JRuby Desktop Development GUI Framework) is a native-GUI cross-pla...

98,332 下載

waterpig 0.12.1

Because waterpig is what the scientific name for a capybara translates to, that's why.

39,564 下載

integration 0.1.4

Numerical integration for Ruby with a simple interface.

37,674 下載

s3-secure 0.5.1

S3 Bucket security hardening tool

28,310 下載

tablesmith 0.6.2

Minimal console table

24,560 下載

capistrano-typo3 0.5.5

Capistrano 3 deployment and continious delivery tasks for TYPO3 versions 6.2+, 7.x, 8.x

20,693 下載

anveo-ec2ssh 0.2.1

Since ec2 instance public hostnames are dynamic, and not easy to remember or type, this...

18,617 下載

anveo-ec2ssh 0.2.1

Since ec2 instance public hostnames are dynamic, and not easy to remember or type, this...

18,617 下載

elastic-backup-2s3 1.0.2

I simply want to be able to control the backup and restoration of the Elasticsearch c...

16,077 下載

cuker 0.6.7

generates reports of your feature files and gives some customizable formatting options

14,918 下載

snuffle 0.14.2

Snuffle detects data clumps and other hints of extractable objects in your Ruby code.

14,894 下載

tengine_resource 1.2.2

tengine_resource provides physical/virtual server management

14,669 下載

toothbrush 0.1.6

Useful stuff for testing with Capybara

14,037 下載

zfs_mgmt 0.4.5

Misc. helpers regarding snapshots and send/recv.

13,693 下載

drive_env 0.4.1

Generate `.env` file from Spreadsheet in Google Drive

12,505 下載

sysbuild 1.1.1

Build a Maven non-reactor system

11,325 下載

aws-inventory 0.4.5

Tool to inventory AWS account

9,513 下載

imap-filter 0.1.6

imap-filter is a Ruby implementation of an IMAP filtering application. it can handle ...

9,046 下載

github_issue_stats 0.8.0

Utility for collecting stats on number of open issues over time in GitHub repositories.

9,036 下載

job_dispatch 0.2.0

Job Dispatch to workers via ZeroMQ

7,276 下載

tureng-cli 0.0.3

A command line program using to english-turkish translation.

6,423 下載

btcl 0.0.2

Follow Bitcoin markets from your terminal. btcl is a Bitcoin Market Price Client that u...

5,800 下載

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