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wwtd 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require wwtd

rack-insight 0.6.4

Debugging toolbar for Rack applications implemented as middleware. Based on logical...

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qti 2.8.0

QTI 1.2 and 2.1 import and export models

93,373 下载

i18n-backend-http 0.3.4

Rails I18n Backend for Http APIs with etag-aware background polling and memory+[memcach...

89,053 下载

json_web_token 0.3.5

Ruby implementation of the JSON Web Token (JWT) standard, RFC 7519

88,445 下载

git_reflow 0.9.6

Git Reflow manages your git workflow.

83,986 下载

ruby-bitly 0.2.1

A simple ruby client to shorten URLs, expand or get number of clicks on a bitlink.

76,339 下载

active_record_inherit_assoc 2.10.0

Attribute inheritance for AR associations

75,498 下载

rao 0.0.48.pre

The missing bits.

71,488 下载

cmor 0.0.60.pre

(C)ontent (m)anagement (o)n (r)ails a.k.a Seymore - Let's you see more and makes your c...

69,510 下载

rake_tasks 5.1.1

RakeTasks provides basic rake tasks for generating documentation, building and installi...

64,587 下载

activerecord-tablefree 3.1.8

ActiveRecord Tablefree Models provides a simple mixin for creating models that are not ...

63,929 下载

action_mailer-logged_smtp_delivery 2.1.3

ActionMailer SMTP delivery strategy with advanced logging and Bcc support

58,352 下载

preload 2.1.0

A better API for ActiveRecord eager loading

57,756 下载

awesome_explain 1.0.1

AwesomeExplain provides the same APM level of query analysis under your development and...

50,700 下载

paperclip-globalize3 4.2.0

locale-specific attachments with paperclip and globalize

47,652 下载

has_siblings 0.2.8

parent.children.where.not(id:, extended to n parents

47,556 下载

update_repo 0.11.3

A Simple Gem to keep multiple locally-cloned Git Repositories up to date

45,799 下载

schmobile 2.0.0

A mobile user agent detection Rack middleware. See the README.

42,985 下载

dynamo-record 1.4.1

Extensions to Aws::Record for working with DynamoDB.

39,862 下载

rails_test_params_backport 0.2.1

Backports the :params, :headers and :env options introduced in Rails 5 to older version...

32,417 下载

silent_stream 1.0.6

ActiveSupport Kernel Reporting Detritus with a few enhancements

32,176 下载

traceable 1.5.0

Instrument code with logging

23,108 下载

chartio-rails 0.1.0

Helper functions for getting your Rails database hooked up to Chartio

23,053 下载

app_perf_rpm 0.2.5

Ruby Agent for the AppPerf app.

21,301 下载

rspec-block_is_expected 1.0.2

subject { Integer(nil) }; it('raises') { raise_error(TypeError) }

20,216 下载

m2m_fast_insert 0.3.0

Fast Inserts for Rails Many to Many relations

19,564 下载

mathml2latex 2.0.0

Translate MathML to LaTeX

17,803 下载

rnfse 0.6.2

Biblioteca para integração com as várias implementações municipais de Nota Fiscal d...

16,098 下载

rearmed 2.0.1

A collection of helpful methods and monkey patches for Objects, Strings, Enumerables, A...

15,431 下载

vertex_client 0.6.7

The Vertex Client Ruby Gem provides an interface to integrate with Vertex Cloud's SOAP ...

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