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oj 3.13.11

The fastest JSON parser and object serializer.

101,700,084 下載

oauth2 1.4.7

A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol built with a similar style to the original OA...

97,999,059 下載

test_after_commit 1.2.2

makes after_commit callbacks testable in Rails 3+ with transactional_fixtures

14,633,881 下載

logstash-logger 0.26.1

Ruby logger that writes directly to LogStash

12,938,625 下載

gettext_i18n_rails 1.8.1

Simple FastGettext Rails integration.

12,436,324 下載

country_select 6.0.0

Provides a simple helper to get an HTML select list of countries. The list of countries...

11,638,658 下載

ar_after_transaction 0.8.0

Execute irreversible actions only when transactions are not rolled back

2,473,642 下載

dynamoid 3.7.1

Dynamoid is an ORM for Amazon's DynamoDB that supports offline development, association...

1,871,333 下載

flag_shih_tzu 0.3.23

Bit fields for ActiveRecord: This gem lets you use a single integer column in an Active...

1,499,915 下載

sanitize_email 2.0.3

Email Condom for your Ruby Server. In Rails, Sinatra, et al, or simply the mail gem: Ai...

1,336,587 下載

bitfields 0.14.0

Save migrations and columns by storing multiple booleans in a single integer

1,328,597 下載

enumerate_it 3.2.2

Enumerations for Ruby with some magic powers!

1,099,517 下載

active_record_shards 3.19.1

Easily run queries on shard and replica databases.

1,028,372 下載

after_transaction_commit 2.2.2

ActiveRecord::Base.connection.after_transaction_commit { ... }

872,620 下載

inst-jobs 3.0.7

Instructure-maintained fork of delayed_job

837,059 下載

cequel 3.2.1

Cequel is an ActiveRecord-like domain model layer for Cassandra that exposes the robust...

771,405 下載

rspec-nc 0.3.0

572,844 下載

ie_iframe_cookies 0.2.0

Rails: Enabled cookies inside IFrames for IE via p3p headers

531,814 下載

switchman-inst-jobs 4.0.3

Switchman and Instructure Jobs compatibility gem.

460,628 下載

imperium 0.5.2

A powerful, easy to use, Consul client

441,175 下載

inst-jobs-statsd 2.1.2

Stats reporting for inst-jobs

288,932 下載

intuit-oauth 1.0.2

A Ruby wrapper Intuit's OAuth and OpenID implementation.

287,947 下載

paul_bunyan 2.0.0

Extensions and enhancements to Ruby's built in Logger class. Extensions include: multip...

210,849 下載

swagger_yard 1.1.1

SwaggerYard API doc gem that uses YARD to parse the docs for a REST rails API

164,296 下載

kasket 4.9.1

puts a cap on your queries

163,317 下載

ar_mysql_flexmaster 1.0.3

ar_mysql_flexmaster allows configuring N mysql servers in database.yml and auto-selects...

162,106 下載

outrigger 3.0.0


146,753 下載

bogus 0.1.6

Decreases the need to write integration tests by ensuring that the things you stub or m...

136,767 下載

cia 0.7.0

Audit model events like update/create/delete + attribute changes + group them by transa...

136,224 下載

blogit 1.1.2

Add a blog to your Rails application in minutes with this mountable Rails Engine

122,949 下載

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