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aws-carb 0.0.9

a tool for provisioning ec2 instances with a templated cloudinit configuration, with th...

10 552 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-compiler 0.9.27

The idea is to create a folder structure to better manage pieces of a CloudFormation de...

78 147 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-decompiler 0.9.6

The idea is to extract a big CloudFormation template into a folder structure to better ...

26 906 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-dsl 0.9.7

Ruby DSL for creating Cloudformation templates

32 940 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-resources 0.2.2

Mixes methods into AWS::CloudFormation::Stack to make it easy to retrieve resource obje...

5 459 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-stacker 0.0.6

A CloudFormation stack management helper to do stack CRUD and chaining. It eases the pa...

4 852 Téléchargements

aws-cfn-yats 0.1.9

AWS Cloudformation templates expressed with a Ruby DSL, YAML or JSON in a modular fashion

15 506 Téléchargements

aws_cf_signer 0.1.3

Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content.

2 537 977 Téléchargements

aws-cft-tools 0.1.4

Tools for managing a cloud deployment in AWS with state held in AWS.

1 676 Téléchargements

awsclean 1.1

CLI to clean up AWS AMIs and ECR images

726 Téléchargements

aws-clean 0.2.0

AWS clean tool

713 Téléchargements

aws-cleaner 2.3.0

AWS Cleaner cleans up after EC2 instances are terminated

12 609 Téléchargements

aws-cleanup 1.0.1

Clean up expired AWS assets (test instances, etc)

1 039 Téléchargements

awscli 0.2.8

Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services built in Ruby, using Fog and Thor

95 744 Téléchargements

aws-cli 0.0.1.pre4

This gem contains a command-line "aws" script, which provides an interface to certain A...

1 231 Téléchargements

awsclient 0.1.6

Provides a set of AWS API client objects that can be instantiated using credential file...

5 868 Téléchargements

aws_client 0.1.3

A very light-weight wrapper for my most commonly used AWS functions

11 003 Téléchargements

aws_cli_wrapper 0.2.0

Ruby wrapper around AWS CLI client, focusing on templatizing JSON parameter files with ERb

2 293 Téléchargements

aws-cloudfront 0.0.6

This tool enables you to manage your CloudFront distributions via Ruby or command line.

33 584 Téléchargements

aws_cloud_map 0.2.0

An easy to use object-oriented library for accessing and manipulating Amazon EC2 inform...

6 999 Téléchargements

aws_cloud_search 0.0.2

AWSCloudSearch Search gem

31 401 Téléchargements

aws-codedeploy-agent 0.1.0

CodeDeploy Agent is responsible for doing the actual work of deploying software on an i...

30 370 Téléchargements

aws-codedeploy-session-helper 0.9.1

See readme of the code on GitHub,

1 087 Téléchargements

aws_config 0.1.0

AWSConfig is a parser for AWS_CONFIG_FILE used in aws-cli.

193 029 Téléchargements

aws_configurer 0.1.3

Configure AWS accounts for CloudTrail, Root Account Usage Monitor.

4 296 Téléchargements

aws-controller 0.0.4

aws controller

9 474 Téléchargements

awscosts 0.0.12

AWSCosts provides an easier way to calculate the costs of running your project in AWS

114 407 Téléchargements

aws-creds 0.2.3

AWS credentials manager

5 158 Téléchargements

aws_cred_vault 0.1.0

Stores your amazon credentials for multiple IAM accounts.

11 128 Téléchargements

aws_cron 0.1.4

AWS Elastic Beanstalk cron scheduling support

2 797 Téléchargements