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awspec 1.17.0

RSpec tests for your AWS resources.

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aws_pipes 0.0.6

Send messages between Amazon EC2 instances through Unix pipes.

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aws_pocketknife 0.1.24

Have you ever find yourself going through the aws cli documentation page over and over ...

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awsprice 0.0.5

I will improve this later.

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aws-pricing 0.7.0

Simpler interface to AWS pricing data

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awsprofile 0.1.1

A simple class to automate AWS profile loading

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aws-profile_parser 0.0.4

Parse AWS CLI $AWS_CONFIG_FILE setting in Ruby

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awsprofiles 0.0.1

A simple script to list and search your AWS profiles configured at ~/.aws/

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aws_provisioner 0.0.3

A DSL that compiles to AWS CloudFormation and provisions AWS resources.

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aws_public_ips 1.0.6

A library/cli to fetch all public IP addresses associated with an AWS account

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awspusher 1.0.0

AWSpusher makes it easy to deploy to EC2

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aws-pws 0.1.1

A password-protected CredentialProvider for AWS

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awsqr 0.1.0

CLI utility to add issuer field to AWS QR Code for IAM MFA

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awsquery 0.3.3

A collection of tools for querying AWS hosts based on metadata and manipulating them

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awsraw 0.1.9

A client for Amazon Web Services in the style of FlickRaw

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aws-rds 0.6.0

Simple tool to create AWS RDS db instances consistently with pre-configured settings

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aws-rds-instance_types 2.0.0

Retrieve an up to date list of valid AWS RDS Instance Types directly from Amazon Web Se...

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aws-record 2.3.0

Provides an object mapping abstraction for Amazon DynamoDB.

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aws-record-generator 1.0.0.pre.2

Rails generators for aws-record models

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aws-reporting 0.9.2

AWS performance reporting tool

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aws-rikanjo 0.0.9

AWS RI Cost Calc Tool

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awsrm 0.7.0

Simple AWS Resource "READONLY" Mapper for awspec.

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aws_ro 1.3.0

Wrpper library of AWS SDK objects to enable to access properties more easily, more rub...

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aws-role 0.1.1

CLI to assume AWS roles

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aws_role_creds 0.0.6

Used to fetch multiple AWS Role Credential Keys using different Session Keys

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aws-rotate-keys 0.1.2

A simple CLI tool to rotate your aws access keys

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aws-rsync 0.1.0

Tool rsyncs local files to AWS EC2 instance for a faster development flow

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aws_runas 0.7.0

Run a command or shell under an assumed AWS IAM role

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aws-s3 0.6.3

Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API

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Client library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's REST API

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