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aws_cf_signer 0.1.3

Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content.

2,523,341 下载

aws-cft-tools 0.1.4

Tools for managing a cloud deployment in AWS with state held in AWS.

1,662 下载

awsclean 1.1

CLI to clean up AWS AMIs and ECR images

714 下载

aws-clean 0.2.0

AWS clean tool

707 下载

aws-cleaner 2.3.0

AWS Cleaner cleans up after EC2 instances are terminated

12,576 下载

aws-cleanup 1.0.1

Clean up expired AWS assets (test instances, etc)

1,033 下载

awscli 0.2.8

Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services built in Ruby, using Fog and Thor

95,519 下载

aws-cli 0.0.1.pre4

This gem contains a command-line "aws" script, which provides an interface to certain A...

1,229 下载

awsclient 0.1.6

Provides a set of AWS API client objects that can be instantiated using credential file...

5,851 下载

aws_client 0.1.3

A very light-weight wrapper for my most commonly used AWS functions

10,971 下载

aws_cli_wrapper 0.2.0

Ruby wrapper around AWS CLI client, focusing on templatizing JSON parameter files with ERb

2,287 下载

aws-cloudfront 0.0.6

This tool enables you to manage your CloudFront distributions via Ruby or command line.

33,567 下载

aws_cloud_map 0.2.0

An easy to use object-oriented library for accessing and manipulating Amazon EC2 inform...

6,993 下载

aws_cloud_search 0.0.2

AWSCloudSearch Search gem

31,333 下载

aws-codedeploy-agent 0.1.0

CodeDeploy Agent is responsible for doing the actual work of deploying software on an i...

30,355 下载

aws-codedeploy-session-helper 0.9.1

See readme of the code on GitHub,

1,083 下载

aws_config 0.1.0

AWSConfig is a parser for AWS_CONFIG_FILE used in aws-cli.

190,185 下载

aws_configurer 0.1.3

Configure AWS accounts for CloudTrail, Root Account Usage Monitor.

4,286 下载

aws-controller 0.0.4

aws controller

9,464 下载

awscosts 0.0.12

AWSCosts provides an easier way to calculate the costs of running your project in AWS

113,588 下载

aws-creds 0.2.3

AWS credentials manager

5,151 下载

aws_cred_vault 0.1.0

Stores your amazon credentials for multiple IAM accounts.

11,110 下载

aws_cron 0.1.4

AWS Elastic Beanstalk cron scheduling support

2,786 下载

aws_csshx 0.1.5

csshx wrapper that interacts with your AWS account for group ssh sessions. You can even...

12,923 下载

aws-data 0.2.0

Fetch instance data from AWS

5,858 下载


Description of AwsDeploy.

12,042 下载

aws_docker_utils 0.0.6

Utils package for working with AWS and Docker.

4,184 下载

awsdsl 0.0.2

A simple DSL for deploying and running apps on AWS

2,628 下载

aws_dump 0.0.2

Dump AWS data from API

3,999 下载

aws-dynamodb-query 0.1.16

Executes low level API DynamoDB Query with less memory. Visit

5,227 下载