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awscosts 0.0.12

AWSCosts provides an easier way to calculate the costs of running your project in AWS

114,414 下载

aws-creds 0.2.3

AWS credentials manager

5,159 下载

aws_cred_vault 0.1.0

Stores your amazon credentials for multiple IAM accounts.

11,129 下载

aws_cron 0.1.4

AWS Elastic Beanstalk cron scheduling support

2,798 下载

aws_csshx 0.1.5

csshx wrapper that interacts with your AWS account for group ssh sessions. You can even...

12,939 下载

aws-data 0.2.0

Fetch instance data from AWS

5,867 下载


Description of AwsDeploy.

12,063 下载

aws_docker_utils 0.0.6

Utils package for working with AWS and Docker.

4,199 下载

awsdsl 0.0.2

A simple DSL for deploying and running apps on AWS

2,635 下载

aws_dump 0.0.2

Dump AWS data from API

4,006 下载

aws-dynamodb-query 0.1.16

Executes low level API DynamoDB Query with less memory. Visit

5,263 下载

awsec 0.1.3

Open and close AWS Security Group from the terminal for more secure operations

16,242 下载

aws-ec2 1.4.9

Simple tool to create AWS ec2 instances consistently with pre-configured settings

8,682 下载

aws_ec2_dns_name 0.1.5

Simpler interface to AWS EC2 dns name

5,785 下载

aws-ec2-dns-name 0.1.2

Simpler interface to AWS EC2 dns name

1,646 下载

aws-ec2-instance_types 2.0.0

Retrieve an up to date list of valid AWS EC2 Instance Types directly from Amazon Web Se...

16,356 下载

aws-ec2-list 0.2.4

list all ec2 instances

3,370 下载

awse_commerce_service 4.0.0


640 下载

awsecrets 1.14.0

AWS credentials loader

188,366 下载

aws-edges 0.8

AWS Edges is used to chart out your AWS environments

7,535 下载

aws-elasticsearch 0.1.0

Ruby client for AWS ElasticSearch

2,318 下载

aws_elb_health_check 0.1.1

Rails engine to provide a healthcheck suitable for AWS ELBs

1,884 下载

aws_email_bounce 0.1.1

get Bounce email list

1,051 下载

aws-eni 0.6.0

A command line tool and client library to manage AWS Elastic Network Interfaces from wi...

15,734 下载

aws-es-transport 0.1.4

Elasticsearch Transport for AWS V4 Signing

495,595 下载

aws-eventstream 1.0.1

Amazon Web Services event stream library. Decodes and encodes binary stream under `vnd....

8,465,277 下载

aws-ext 0.1.2

Extensions for aws-s3

11,048 下载

awsfinder 0.1.3

CLI tool for ad-hoc AWS "find X" tasks.

1,907 下载

aws-flow 3.1.0

Library to provide the AWS Flow Framework for Ruby

657,251 下载

aws-flow-core 1.0.1

Library to provide all the base asynchronous constructs that aws-flow uses

287,628 下载