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ayl-rails 0.3.0

Partner to ayl to allow ActiveRecord after_* hooks to be made asynchronous.

18,650 下载

ayn-flickr_fu 0.3.9

Provides a ruby interface to flickr via the REST api

7,121 下载

ayril 0.1.2

An XML library for MacRuby that is built on top of Cocoa NSXML classes

6,589 下载

aysendinblue 0.0.1

Let you access Seninblue API

2,367 下载

Aython-Houttekier-thermostat-exercise 0.0.0

a ruby gem for a thermostat application

603 下载

az 2.0.1

Going from A to Z in different ways

1,055 下载

azahara_schema 0.3.19

This gem should provide complete tools for quick developement of easy registry app in RoR.

23,222 下载

azami 0.0.3

An EM gem

1,053 下载

azbuild 1.0.3

Build, Configuration and Deployment Gem for .Net Solutions

3,285 下载

az-cv-theme 1.0.0

A beautiful, cv theme for Jekyll. NOT DONE YET.

1,145 下载

azdeploy 1.0.48

Azure Deployment Gem. Provides easy setup and deployment scripting support for .Net pro...

56,349 下载

azebiki 0.0.8

A DSL for validating HTML

25,913 下载

azendoo 0.0.1

Use Azendoo's resource in your applications ;-)

2,018 下载

azericard 1.0.6

Provides an interface to AzeriCard online payment processing system

11,049 下载

azeroth 0.7.2


8,480 下载

azeroth_faker 0.1.0

Faker for data from the Warcraft Universe

1,507 下载

azi01792 7.7.7

This is test2 test2 test2

12,224 下载

azi0719 0.0.2

Test how to use rubygems upload

5,408 下载

azi3 0.0.1

this is test3 gem

3,010 下载

azimuth 1.0.4

Simple Ruby wrapper for the MapQuest Direction API.

8,324 下载

azimuth_spree_easy_contact 1.1.0

So people can, um, contact you.

19,393 下载

azimutto 1.0

A gem that provides text handling for Twitter

3,940 下载

azkaban-rb 0.0.7

azkaban-rb allows Azkaban jobs to be modeled as rake tasks

12,678 下载

azkaban_scheduler 0.0.2

Azkaban client that can update the schedule

25,577 下载

azn_converter 0.0.2

Convert any number to current or specific currency

932 下载

azogi 0.1.0

Azogi style name generator

1,267 下载

aztec 0.0.1

Lets you know which pods are outdated

2,345 下载

azuki 0.0.2

Client library and command-line tool to deploy and manage apps on Azuki.

5,094 下载

azuki-api 0.0.2

Ruby Client for the Azuki API

3,000 下载

azul 0.0.1

azul ruby bindings

4,004 下载